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    Hey Guys,
    I wonder if any of you can help. I've just been on Amazon to buy the 2nd series of the twighlight zone (original not the remake) and was offered a deal to buy the 1st series of the outer limits for a reduced price.
    Is the outer limits similar to the twighlight zone or is it more sci -fi? I'm tempted to buy both but to be honest sci- fi isn't really my thing.
    Any advice would be great.
    Many Thanks

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    If you're not a sci-fi person, I'm not all that sure that The Outer Limits would be your bag, although a lot of the first season stories straddle SF and horror. A lot of the early episodes (Sandkings, The New Breed, Blood Brothers) basically deal with the horrific consequences of science gone wrong, so they could happily fall into either genre.


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      The Outer Limits is similar to the Twilight Zone, in that both series are anthology series, whose stories aren't connected to each other. The Outer Limits also takes one hour to tell the tale about fear. Generally, fear of the unknown personified by a monster. A few call it a "monster-of-the-week" show. The tone is a bit darker than the Twilight Zone, but in my opinion just as enjoyable.

      As for price, both seasons are cheaper in price compared to the price of the Twilight Zone sets, including the new "Definitive edition". Both series are still on my list of "must-own".
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        I wouldn't call any incarnation of TZ or OL great TV, but there are some really interesting ideas in certain episodes of each show. Not being a huge follower of the shows, I like to catch them whenever I see them on TV.
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          Thanks for all your help guys. I think i'll leave the OL for the minute and focus my funds towards the nest series of TZ.
          Cheers once again