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    Nearly to embarrasssed to admit doing so ( but we are all in in-between hell waiting for the scripts), I bought and am watching the War of the Worlds series. I have come to grips with it by noting that it is pre-B5, from 1988. What can you expect when the standard had not yet been set?

    Anyway one of the episodes is written by D.C.Fontana. She can be a hoot! There was one scene with two bums, both of which will eventually become possessed by aliens, but at the episode beginning Bum#1 is telling Bum#2 that you "Gotta give a spiel to get a the 'master'", and he goes into a possibly actor-botched begging routine (unsuccessful) ending with "Nobody takes care of their vets anymore...that's why I dodged the draft". In the actor's meal-spiel I couldn't hear a reference to veterans, but the spiel itself was so good it didn't matter.

    Rare that a writer's punch line can be delivered to the wrong joke, and still come over.
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      Too much to hope?

      Is it too much to hope that the other writers could be encouraged to publish their scripts too, because of the success of these publications?
      Understanding is a three-edged sword: your side, their side and the truth.
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