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    Since we have similar interests [babylon 5 among them] I thought I would turn to you guys to ask for some advise...

    Have any of you seen Family guy?

    I'm thinking of buying the DVD sets but not sure which is better season 1-2 or season 3?

    Can anybody help?

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    They're all brilliant. Fox has an amazing ability to cancel excellent television shows.


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      Thanks, was just wondering which you would suggest I buy. 1 and 2 or 3?

      When you're speaking of fox cancelling show are you refering to Firefly as well?


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        THE FAMILY GUYÖ DVD Box Sets


        Since the programme has internal continuity, I would recommend Season 1 if you are seeking to make an investigative investment.
        However, I recommend buying the entire run of THE FAMILY GUYÖ, if you like it as much as I.
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          I could not out and out tell someone to buy this show. IT is a matter of tastes, and this show steps on a lot of toes. Like shows like Clerks and Futurama, some will like it and some won't. I like these these shows, and get plenty of laughs watching and rewatching them.

          Of the 2 sets, I'd suggest the first one. It has 2 seasons worth instead of just the one, and alot of good eps to boot. Plus it is the beginning of the story. The only trouble is if you like the show, getting and watching the first volume will only leave you desperate to buy the other, then sad that that is the end (though there is talk of new eps being made soon).
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