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    Was wondering if anyone here is following these books, and knows how worth it they are. Usually I have no interest in individual issues - too much of a hassle to collect, and reading sucks doing it stop'n'go - but with the hardcover collection now due out sometime, I'm perked. I have the Midnight Nation and Rising Stars collection paperbacks, so I know JMS does Not-Your-Average-Comic-Book (Midnight Nation is just as good as all of B5, honestly), but still looking for some feedback, especially how they compare.
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    Supreme Power is absolutely worth it

    I LOVED Midnight Nation. The last issue brought me to the edge of tears, which almost never happens.

    Supreme Power is extremely strong so far. He's working with the same artist, Gary Frank, whose work is just as strong as on MN, if not stronger.

    As with all of jms's best work, it has complex characters, intriguing stories, twists on expectations, and some powerful and funny moments. It works on multiple levels -- on one, it's a satire of DC's Justice League (Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, etc.). You'll enjoy it more if you have some cursory knowledge of those characters, but you don't need to; Supreme Power stands as its own story. You also don't really need background on the original Squadron Supreme comics, on which it's based.

    Another cool note is that, unlike with B5, MN, Rising Stars, and Jeremiah, jms has said he doesn't have an ending in mind already -- it's not structured like that for him -- so this series could go on for quite a while. Based on impressive sales, popularity, and support from Marvel, it looks like it will, so hop on the bandwagon while it's just getting started!


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      Do yourself a favour & get this book while you can!
      It will inevitably be collected into TPB format, but it's good enough that you don't want to wait.

      I have been an admirer of THE SQUADRON SUPREMEÖ since their first appearance as a parody/analogue of THE JUSTICE LEAGUEÖ, but MR. JOSEPH MICHAEL STRACZYNSKI has taken this book beyond even what what was achieved in their 12-issue limited series, which I also loved.
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