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    Now I know Supreme Power is jumping from Max to Marvel Knights at some point in the near future, but I have a couple of questions for anyone who might be in the know.

    What exactly is the difference between the two and what is the reasoning behind the move? I was under the impression SP was doing gangbusters as is, so why mess with it? Does this imply that there is going to be some change in content or story? Because if so I am a little worried. SP is the BEST book out there and the only one I care to shuck out my money for on a monthly basis. Someone please reassure me that nothing is going to happen to it.

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    From what I've gotten, the tone of the comic will stay the same. However, nudity will not be used, and the violence will be toned down a bit. Only the numbering will change, so instead of Issue 19 being numbered, it will be Vol. 2 Issue 1. The story will continue on, JMS isn't resetting everything.

    The move is for marketing. Aside from praise on review sites and in comic magazines, the series hasn't been advertised very much. Since the MAX line is viewed as a "mature line of comics", they're not as prominently displayed, usually not a front row on the shelf comic. In fact, I think the MAX line of comics don't have yearly subscriptions available.

    I have full confidence that JMS will not weaken the story with the move. The only thing that strikes me as strange is Marvel's apparent inability to have a clear vision for the MAX line and to market it well. Marvel just seemed to have a good idea but failed to make it grow. DC's Vertigo line while not as high selling as the regular DC universe titles, has been a success, and has been marketed brilliantly since it's inception about 10+ years ago.
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      Originally posted by dasotey
      Someone please reassure me that nothing is going to happen to it.
      How about JMS himself? This is what he said at the Wizard World con in Philadelphia a couple of weeks ago:
      Q: Will Supreme Power going from Max to Marvel Knights change it in anyway.

      JMS: No. Not to my mind, anyway. ThereÆs less language you can use and less nudity but the reality is that the last couple of issues havenÆt needed much of that anyway. The attitude will remain the same and Gary will be drawing it and IÆll be writing it so I donÆt see any difference, for my money anyway. I was the one who said to Joe Quesada ôMaybe we should do this.ö because a lot of stores wonÆt carry the Max titles. ThisÆll open it up to a wider audience.

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