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    Hi JMS,
    1st I would like to say that you are a very talented writer and you have become a favorite and an inspiration to me as a fan.

    I have been wondering if you would or have been offerd to write a Green Lantern title? I think your style of writing would be perfect for those characters.
    Have you ever been a fan of Green Lantern?
    I think your writing can polish many unseen facets of gems within the Green Lantern mythos.

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    Hey there. JMS doesn't post on the boards here, and as far as we know, doesn't read the boards here. This site is an archive - the actual JMS posts and activity are on the Usenet groups mentioned.
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      Further more, I believe JMS is currently exclusive with Marvel Comics. Green Lantern is a DC character.

      But, yes, I agree that he could very probably do something very interesting with the character's galaxy-spanning concept.
      Got movies?


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        I don't think JMS is Marvel exclusive because he writes Rising Stars is not Marvel. He probably just doesn't have any interest in DC characaters.


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          Originally posted by JDSValen
          I don't think JMS is Marvel exclusive because he writes Rising Stars is not Marvel.
          Rising Stars is just the completion of his contract with Top Cow which was before his contract with Marvel. There was trouble between JMS and TC over their handling of his RS script. Once the final few of those are out there won't be any others from him. He got his 'Joe's Comics' imprint and the Dream Police title back from Top Cow also.

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