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    Originally posted by Garibaldi's Hair
    nd there you go ... fine, you don't like the story. There are some of JMS's Spider-Man stories that I haven't liked, and thought could have been done better if ... etc. etc. But that doesn't give me the right to be outraged, and pour scorn on his head.

    I can either acknowledge that I may not like everything he ever writes and move on to the next story, or I can choose to stop reading because I am not enjoying it anymore.
    Are you kidding me?

    Did you buy this comic? Or hell, did you just read it?

    Than you have the right to be outraged, pour scorn on his head, and generally shit all over this story, because as the consumer that is YOUR right.

    What is this horse shit that we have to just accept whatever the writer gives us? If it's shit I'm going to say so. This isn't a one-way relationship. If it's crap, you have the right to bitch about it.
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      Than you have the right to be outraged, pour scorn on his head, and generally shit all over this story, because as the consumer that is YOUR right.
      Ah, the "I bought it, therefore I can be an asshole"-remark *g*

      Critic can be more sophisticated than "crap", it helps bringing your point to the other side, because the other side will listen longer...

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        I think as a consumer, we have certain rights but not liking something does not give us license. If I go to a movie and donÆt like it, I can walk out. I can also ask for my money back (which I have on a few occasions) and if I really feel strongly about it, I suppose I could stand outside the theater and tell people that I thought the movie would be a waste of their money, although I suspect most people would prefer to make up their own minds. I do not have the right to stand up in the middle of the movie and shout at the screen, because IÆm now impinging on the enjoyment of other people, all of whom have the same rights as I do.

        I didnÆt like the Sins Past storyline at all, mainly because I completely disagreed with its premise. As a Spider-Man fan for more than four decades, I didnÆt buy Gwen StacyÆs actions at all, not did I like the idea of retro-fitting her actions into existing continuity. I actually dropped the book for a few months until I felt it was back on track with what I wanted to read. The good thing about selling oneÆs entire comic book collection some years ago is that you no longer feel the need to buy an issue just to maintain a complete run, so you can dip and out of a book whenever you stop enjoying it. That is my right as a consumer. I donÆt have the right to send hate mail to Marvel or say mean things about JMSÆs mother, or torch my local comic book story. In the end, itÆs just a comic book, nothing more.

        And by the way, I completely disagreed with PeterÆs decision to reveal his secret identity. IÆve been picking up the Civil War tie-ins, because I want to see if JMS can justify his approach, but thus far, I donÆt feel heÆs done it, other than suggesting that Peter may have done it because he has a little hero worship/father fixation/male crush on Tony Stark. Frankly, as somebody whoÆs met everybody in the Marvel Universe from Norse Gods to Galactus, IÆm still not sure he would be taken in by StarkÆs line of BS. But in this case, IÆm willing to agree to disagree with JMS and see where he goes with it.


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          I don't read Marvel, but from what I've heard versus what I've read of DC's new ventures, such as the fantastic 52, DC is kicking Marvel's ass creatively.
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            I liked sins past, but then again I haven't read spider-man in 20 years and most of what I know of continuity comes from the animated series.
            I'm reading it for the writing, I haven't read any of the Civil War stuff or got around to reading best of spider man volume 5 but I'm trying to see each story on it's own rather than in the wider sense of spider-man.
            My only criticism of sins past as story was the whodunnit side of things was easily guessable. I figured thye were Gwen's kids waaaaaaay before the reveal.
            I suppose a lack of familiarity with the overl spidey continuity helps me accept the retcons in a way that more long-term fans are unable (or unwilling) to.
            So be it, as Jope says it is up to each person to ejoy or not, purchase or not and such disagreements (as I've said elsewhere in this froum) are the cut and thrust of debate.
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              Regarding the giving up of the secret identity, I found that comic mildly amusing:

              I feel for poor Peter 8o)

              greetings from austria, best known for its history and fine wine... feels like a wine cellar on a graveyard 8-)


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                Great information