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Another "lost" JMS comic?

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  • Another "lost" JMS comic?

    People reading this are undoubtedly aware of JMS' year-long run on Wonder Woman a few years back. But it looks from this as though he actually had another project in mind --- Colleen Doran's concept artwork is here (, but the more interesting thing - emboldening mine - is in the final comment (from Colleen):

    "BTW, I’ve been asked if these were for the “Odyssey” storyline. I don’t think so. From JMS’s description, it appears they were for a completely separate tale, as in a high fantasy concept he was working on.

    JMS didn’t get into a lot of detail about plot, just described a fantasy mood he was looking for."

    EDIT: There's a *tiny* amount more detail here:
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    Very interesting.
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      This probably would have been around the time that he decided to pull back from the monthly titles. Remember, he only did about six issues of WW and Superman before concentrating on the Earth One books.

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