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Joe's Comics and the Eisner Awards

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  • Joe's Comics and the Eisner Awards

    I just saw an article that the Eisner Awards are open for submissions for this year's awards. JMS had one *heck* of a year last year. Which titles do you think should be submitted?

    In no particular order, I'd suggest:

    - Ten Grand - writing, art and best limited series

    - The Adventures of Apocalypse Al - Writing, humor and art

    - Dream Police - writing and art

    - Sidekick - writing art and best limited series

    - Twilight Zone - writing and best limited series

    I'm not a Terminator fan but I've been hearing good things about it. Does that one belong on the list?

    ETA: I posted a question as to whether Joe's Comics could submit his stuff for consideration or whether Image would have to do it. If I'm reading it correctly, it seems like Joe's Comics could send in their work but since JMS is also the creator... Hoping that some of these get nominated!!

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