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    Splinter of the minds eye, the first Zahn trilogy and Shadows of the empire have all been both novels and comics.

    It would be good to see the best of the B5 tie in novels go the same way. While we are waiting for some fresh stories.
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      babylon 5 comic art

      with regards to poor or unsuitable art. bad subject as eveyone as different tastes in art.

      ok who do you get to draw them
      mr templesmith did a great job on 30 days of night don`t think it would quite work with b5
      messers franks, deodato, romita jr all have done great work with jms but could they pull of a run on b5
      how about clayton crain is art on venom / carnage is some of the best interior art i`ve seen for a long while.
      lastly why not try rob prior great air brush artist. if you need to see b5 characters plus other scifi faces check out his short lived series from`98 called lost heroes
      the list of artist could go on and on evryone as their favorites. personally i think you have to get an artist who fits the style of writing and the plot sadly that is not always the case, as for thr writer there can be only the person who created it in this case jms.
      i would like him to put pen to paper and go back to the b5 universe maybe with greg land in tow one great story and it wouldn`t be to bad to look at.


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        I'd love a Dave Mckeen B5 Comic, He works from photographs alot and would have 5 seasons 5 films, Crusade and Legend of the Rangers to access stills to work from. It would have both a painterly and cinematic style. And would look alot differnent from any other B5 comic. He also did alot of Sandman cover art which links into B5 via Neil Gaiman.
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          Having just read 'To Dream In The City Of Sorrows' I'd like to say I'd love to see this story converted to a comic or film. It would also tie into 'In Valen's Name' quite beautifully.
          I have the wings for Bingo.