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    As someone who just saw this a few days ago, let me say that I quit Marvel, not Spidey, Marvel over JMS leaving and the crappy way they handled Civil War and World War Hulk. I also am with Garibaldi, married Peter was someone who grew up with the character could relate to. He was also growing up to be a teacher and not the guy JJJ chews out in every issue for bad photos that JJJ buys at the end anyway. It was one of the few comic book characters that evolved. Then they wanted to do this stupid reboot which does not shock me that has lead to lower sales.

    It doesn't surprise me that Joe Quesada or whoever he told to yell out JMS get upset. All of this was his idea when it became clear Sony didn't want to deal with Raimi anymore. Slott is a crap writer and probably the worst example of a comic book writer out. When people complained about Brand New Day, he said they should stop leaving in their parents' basements. Classy. I do not know what Waid said, but considering Joe Q fired him from FF then had to eat crow to get him back after Waid used the internet to get his job back, I hope he came on JMS' side or it would be a bit hypocritical.

    At the end of the day, comics are so screwed up with reboots and trying to do one giant event after another, its no longer fun. I wish they would go back to simpler stories ie one where not everything is connected. JMS like Kevin Smith is now a lightening rod for comics where either love or hate his work, little or no in between. While I thought he did a great job with ASM, his DC has been a disappointment minus Superman: Earth One.