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Dr. Strange #1

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  • Dr. Strange #1

    It was first graphic novel that i have read (if discounting simple Disney comic books) so it was kind of hard to follow who said what. I liked drawing style but people looked empty. Is it like that in all comics? Plot was....strange. Seems like it will be good series

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    The first few comics I read after many years of not reading any took some getting used to following the flow of dialog and even the flow of pictures since that can change from one page to the next. Now I don't notice it anymore.

    As for the look of the people, I'm not familiar with these characters so it may take me a while to learn the subtleties of expression. Still, I've found with JMS' other comics that the subtlety is there.

    If I'd known when I was moving 3 years ago how deep into comics JMS was going to get I'd've tried to find a place near a comic shop! <g>

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