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Interview with Superman Writer Chris Roberson

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  • SmileOfTheShadow
    I wasn't super thrilled with this one either. It really amounted to 2 people talking. What it was supposed to do was give long time readers nostalgia over Flash vs. Superman races. There was a lot of "tie-into other dc stuff going on" in the issue which probably detracted from it.

    I really enjoyed 708 though. I thought it was really well done.

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  • Jan
    I just picked up the latest Supes (709) and it really didn't do anything for me. It doesn't seem like the locations chosen have any meaning to the stories anymore (and there's no way Boulder, CO is reminiscent of a small farming town!) and the last two issues have just been 'look at what you've inspired, Superman, you should be proud' and not dealing with the losses he's suffered at all. One would have done it, I think. I did kind of like the long message he was leaving for Lois but there wasn't any acknowledgement of thier altercation and why she might not be taking his calls.

    I'm in for the duration but pretty underwhelmed at the moment.


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  • Interview with Superman Writer Chris Roberson

    Spoilers if you follow the link:

    Figure some people might be interested here. I talked to him about all of his books, and started out mostly with Superman. He's a heckuva writer and I really recommend iZombie out of all of his work.

    Interesting to know about JMS' involvement in the book now.
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