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JMS Giving Up Superman & Wonder Woman

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    Lee: Link? Is it safe to assume that the 'death' will be after the Grounded arc is finished at 712?

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      It does seem that from Steel to Outsiders (Eradicator) to JLA 55 to Superboy 6...that Doomsday is making his way through the Superman family, but I don't think it's to muck with Marvel's Spidey teaser...I think based on New Krypton going blam and other New Kryptonians hidden away, there's more than meets the eye...and we are gonna get a swell finale when Doomsday goes up against Kal-El once again...
      and killing Superman? I don't think so...after all, they just killed Bruce a while back and had this redefinition of I don't think they'll muck with Superman.
      Besides, he has his fellow people to look for, and also, remember he recently returned to Earth and has to have dealings with the JLA again, as well as Dick, Supergirl...not to mention Conner who has been out of Clark's reach for a while...and last but not least...Bruce Wayne...

      As for death of Spidey, I'm not buying it one bit...Dan Slott has been teasing something special in all his writings and I CAN'T fathom it being killing he waited a while to get his hands on Parker...Also, Pete is an Avenger as well and basis the drama between Joey Q and JMS, killing Spidey would be a pretty cop-out move. ASM is a decent seller for Marvel and I think with the Scarlet Spider MVP in the mix, as well as the new Venom, Carnage etc...I THINK ALL WE ARE GONNA SEE IS A COSTUME CHANGE OR MAYBE PETE HANGS UP THE SUIT FOR A WHILE...
      but as we see...Killing has been a way to sell books recently, and leads to more sales with resurrections...ahem...Bruce Wayne and ummm...Steve I think Marvel and DC will be waiting for a while to kill off heroes...
      After all, in Siege, Ares and Sentry died..both were more or less that's a clue...killing off heroes will be done in main events, and when needed!
      Eg...Secret Invasion, Civil War, Final Crisis...these 'deaths' are teases and they work well as the tease is blatant


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        Looks like the SpiderMan death will be in the Marvel Ultimates line, not the regular comics, based on solicitations and other news reports.

        With the tease for Doomsday being the bloody S-symbol, there's likely to be something done to a member of the Super family as part of this, but nothing has really been spelled out so far.

        Here's the link to the Doomsday information:

        Full DC Solicits for February can be found here (among other places).
        (in addition to Doomsday, looks like Eclipso is coming back as well).

        For Marvel, they can be found here:
        B520 ( )


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          Well, since Superman and Supergirl have both "died" previously, I'd guess it's Superboy's turn this time.

          Hm, this just popped up:

          Death of Spider-Man
          Brian Bendis and Mark Millar team to tell the Wallcrawler's Ultimate story
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            So I'm supposed to believe that Marvel is going to kill off the main character of the first and best-selling Ultimate book?

            No. I do not. Well, not for long, anyway.

            I'm sad to see JMS scale back, but I kinda get it, too. Still have to grab the collections up when they come out, but that's what, a year or two away at the current publishing rate? More if I wait for TPB's instead of hardcovers. (Though I probably won't wait.)
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              Originally posted by Jan View Post
              ôMeanwhile, IÆm taking full advantage of the situation to take a one- to five-year sabbatical from writing monthlies in order to go exclusively into writing graphic novels like Superman Earth One and Samaritan X, along with the occasional high-visibility minseries. ..."
              Sudden change of direction. One to five years sabbatical. That is a TV series being created.

              It may be unrelated but Pat (Lyta) Tallman has been recruiting Sci-Fi actresses. I had assumed it was for the Wonder Woman film but it could a pilot for a tv series.
              Andrew Swallow


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                Originally posted by Andrew_Swallow View Post
                Sudden change of direction. One to five years sabbatical. That is a TV series being created.

                It may be unrelated but Pat (Lyta) Tallman has been recruiting Sci-Fi actresses. I had assumed it was for the Wonder Woman film but it could a pilot for a tv series.
                Geez.. how didn't I notice that. I wondered about that phrasing.. "1 to 5 years".. seemed odd. But yeah, JMS has been hinting that there's sth brewing at WB with B5.. and there's usually a minimum of 13 episode commitment for a new show. So at minimum, you get the 13 episodes and need 1 year sabbatical to do it. And best case, the show is a hit and you get the full 5 years. (As seems to be jms' plan for these B5 shows.)

                Of course it could be a different show as well, but the call from WB seems to coincide well with this..


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                  I do hope in these 1-5 years, JMS does so some comic related stuff to TV...

                  and as for SpiderMan dying in the UU, Bendis and Millar have something up their sleeve so I'll give them the benefit of the doubt...I do know SHIELD HEAD Danvers doesn't want much drama with Ult Spidey as she has had in the past, so I figure...Spiderman will fake a death, and Peter will become a new hero under her Avengers as Stark like the kid a lot...

                  As for Superboy dying, no It won't happen as he just returned from the grave to rejoin the Titans and Cassie...Final Crisis brought him back so he wont be killed so fast...I sense it may be Steel or Kara


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                    I don't know about WW, but for Superman, I just realized the writer is Chris Roberson. He does a book called iZombie, and it's fantastic. His stories are very character-centric and he's not the type to push plot over characters, which should fit very nicely with JMS' story. I'm not gonna drop the book after all
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