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Wonder Woman #600 (SPOILERS)

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    Wait Wait ... Dont' Tell Me!
    July 03, 2010

    Carl reads three-news related limericks on; something creepy
    about that fish, something else to scream about on the roller
    coaster, and something different about Wonder Woman.

    Wonder Woman once gave skirts a chance
    But with fashions she still must advance.
    She keeps stopping crime
    And keeps up with time
    She's finally wearing some pants.


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      Originally posted by Jan View Post

      But that raises a question that you more knowlegable sorts can help me with; what's WW/Diana's apparant age? I always thought of her as being in her mid-twenties and if so, there's not all that much time lost, I don't think. This alternate Diana is at least 2-or 21, I think.
      age 3 + 18 = 21

      'Apparent age' is the correct phrase.
      The Amazons were immortal unless injured.
      Wonder Woman (Princess Diana) was about 1,000 years old
      her mother was 3,000 to 4,000 years old.
      Andrew Swallow


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        I'm a comics fan. I've been reading comics since 1974.

        WW #600 is the first Wonder Woman I've read, and I picked it up because of JMS.

        My wife... has not read comics as long, though she's been a big fan of WW since at least the Lynda Carter days, and since meeting me she's picked up collections going back to the beginning.

        Neither of us have a problem with this new direction, for several reasons. Julie... basically just likes anything WW. I'm not emotionally invested in the history or (what passes for) continuity in the DC universe, so a change doesn't bother me (and yeah, I like the new costume - at least it doesn't follow the old sexist fantasy trope of "the less clothing you wear, the better protected you are."

        I'm a follower of several fandoms, so believe me, I'm used to hearing the stuff I've been hearing about this change... from Transformers Fans, from Star Trek fans, Galactica Fans, and so on... " They Changed it! Now it Sucks!!" [Insert fandom here] is ruined FOREVER!!! **RAGEQUIT**"

        Well, you know what? No, it isn't.
        "It's hard being an evil genius when everybody else is so stupid." -- Quantum Crook, Casey and Andy Webcomic


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          WW, etc.

          A couple of notes on the new look and such.

          Re: Diana's killing of Max Lord during Infinite Crisis - It did actually take place in Wonder Woman (as part of a separate storyline crossover with the Supeman titles). It has been something referenced quite a bit post-Infinite Crisis in Wonder Woman and elsewhere.

          Ripple Effects - Definitely some ripple effects from the change in Diana's timeline, especially that of Wonder Girl/Donna Troy (and you think Wonder Woman's origin has changed a lot over the year's check out Donna's...). It will be interesting to see how the timeline change effects the rest of the DC Universe. One major effect is that as part of Blackest Night/Brightest Day, Max Lord was brought back to life and used a mega boost of his mind control powers to make EVERYONE on Earth forget he ever existed (except for four Justice League International members). With the change to Wonder Woman's timeline, her killing of Max Lord likely never happened, and Max Lord and his return is the main subject of the Justice League: Generation Lost biweekly comic happening right now.

          I think the people who are outraged about the changes being made to Wonder Woman who much have never read any comics on a regular basis are definitely not in touch with current comics. In just the last couple of years at DC, Superman spent over a year not appearing in his own comic or even in his main costume. Bruce Wayne was "killed" at the end of Infinite Crisis (but actually was sent back in time now being chronicled in "The Return of Bruce Wayne", Barry Allen, who was killed in 1985 in the first Crisis returned from the dead recently (he's been one of the longest sustained deaths at DC), and even Deadman, whose origin was his death, is now alive (due to Blackest Night) along with several other previously dead heroes and villains (supposedly for a reason as to be detailed in Brightest Day).

          I'm looking forward to seeing what Joe does with both Superman and Wonder Woman. He's definitely taking some chances with both storylines but in terms of current sales, both really have no where to go except up.

          If anything, the furor over the Wonder Woman changes definitely gave the comic a sales boost, and it may have brought people into comic shops that normally don't visit them. Even the start of Paul Cornell's run on Action Comics (starring Lex Luthor, NOT Superman) has sold out and will be going into a second printing.

          Lee Whiteside
          (Who learned to read at age five in the early 1960's with a steady flow of comics from my dad's grocery store - if I'd only kept better care of them....)

          B520 ( )