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Journalistic Integrity or lack thereof in the Superman mythos

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  • Journalistic Integrity or lack thereof in the Superman mythos

    I have always been a little peeved at the way Lois got her Superman scoops flirting from rooftops in the earlies and Superman more or less using her as his P.R. Always wondering about the conflict of interest there and that they,both her and Clark, really to me do not seem to reflect a good standard . Lois style especially belong to the tabloid style journalism.

    Coming off the War of the Supermen, it has hit home how hypocritical her reporting is. She is married to Superman and still writing stories about him and trying to subvert public opinion when the world does not know that she is in bed with the "alien".

    It makes Clark/Superman by extension appear to lack journalistic integrity too. Why has DC never addressed this? Or is it simply okay for Lois to write stories about her husband and pretend he is nothing to her and just a public figure ,while trying to influence how people, who trust that she is unbiased, think?

    I just want to know if this is something JMS intends to address at all seeing he has a back ground in journalism.

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    The JJJ lawsuit was awesome, and I love that these comic companies set up all these things that would have unintended consequences JMS can pick out.

    It makes me excited for the Superman run to see what he'll do.

    I think a lot of journalists talk about what they're too close to and put positive or negative spins based on their leanings as it is, so Lois would be similar to them in that case. But if you had an inside scoop on a story like superman, would you really recluse yourself from being close to it? I think that'd be a career killer.
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      I think it was Dan Randall who said that the objective journalist is a myth...

      It may be the only true statement he made in that whole episode.
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