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Report on CBR of Joe's appearance @ the Screenwriter Expo last week

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  • Report on CBR of Joe's appearance @ the Screenwriter Expo last week

    The article is here. I'm linking it in this forum since it is posted on a comics site -- but the article offers nothing new and is written by someone who seems like a jms noobie (not to mention the few typos that stick out).
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    I don't know that the writer in question is necessarily new to JMS, so much as he may be reporting an even to people who don't know JMS. Sounds like quite an interesting presentation and the typos aren't that annoying; unfortunately, most of them seem to be the ones that spell-check don't pick up because they're real words or lack of them if that makes any sense.


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      Thanks for the link. I had never heard about the Rod Serling story before. Early Morden inspiration I suppose.
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        Here's anotheer Rod Serling story that JMS told me in a 2001 interview:

        When I was done with The Twilight Zone- whenever I finish up a show, I buy myself something, just to say 'that show bought this.' I went to an art deco store because I like art deco, and there was a display case there with watches, and there was this great Hamilton Ventura watch. Apparently this was the first electric watch made in the fifties, and this wasn't the original, but they had just found a shit-load of the original parts and cases and crystals and had put these watches out. They were about to do a new edition soon to come mass produced, but this was like a remake of the original, so I bought one because I liked the look of it, and as the guy was wrapping it up we were doing the usual chit-chat. He asked what I did and I said I was a writer, and he said, 'The last one of these I had years ago, I sold to a writer.' I said, 'Really, who's that?' and he said Rod Serling. I went home and looked through some of my books that had pictures of Rod, and son of a bitch, if he isn't wearing the Hamilton Ventura in one of those pictures! He had the white face and I had the black face, but nonetheless, it was the same watch. Whether I had subconsciously registered that and recognized it in the case or not, but it was one of those moments where your hair stands on end- with me you can tell anymore! My life is a pattern of really weird synchronicities, and I can't explain them except that whenever they happen, I know I'm where I'm supposed to be.