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  • New JMS Thor Interview

    Newsarama has a new interview with Joe on the Thor comic, which has had a short hiatus.

    His reason for the delay is

    JMS: The responsibility is mine, and I'll take the rap for it. I got sideswiped by a bunch of feature film deadlines that were supposed to fall in a nice, orderly fashion and ended up all landing at the same moment, time-on-target. My goal is to get the book back on a more regular schedule ASAP.
    His other monthly comic, The Twelve, has been coming out relatively on schedule, but not quite on a monthly basis.

    Solicitations for Marvel and DC's January releases are being posted today and tomorrow, so there might be some updates on his DC run on Brave and the Bold, which hasn't yet been solicited.
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    I've got a system setup @ where you can get notified whenever a book of Joe's ships, or when new ones are solicited (so you can make sure your comic shop has them on order for you).

    I haven't processed DC & Marvel's for Janurary yet (should be done tomorrow) but it'll send you a notification of anything it finds.

    The Twelve hasn't been all that regular either -- #6 was June, #7 was Aug, #8 was Oct and #9 is set for November.

    At least we'll have Changeling this week to get our Joe fix.
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