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  • Amazing Spider-Man thread

    Well, let me just say that JMS' Amazing Spider-Man is one of a short list of books that I cannot wait to read from one month to the next.

    Anyone have any thoughts on ASM #508 released this past week? I thoroughly enjoyed this issue, if only to bring the whole mystical aspect full circle. I won't spoil it, if you haven't read it yet.

    One thing that caught my eye on the last page was this quote:
    Have a great vacation, John. We'll see you again when school starts.
    Presumably that is from JMS. I knew that Mike Deodato was taking over the art chores after John Romita Jr., but I had no idea that JRJR would be coming back. Had any of you guys known that Deodato was filling in temporarily? When will JRJR be back?