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    According to Newsarama, Squadron Supreme is coming back later this year.

    Just not with JMS...

    Though I am leery of it continuing with JMS's guidance, bringing on Howard Chaykin sounds promising and what he says inn the Newsarama interview does instill some confidence.
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    No JMS? I pass. I think half the readers will too.
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      JMS made one of his rare posts on [url=]Newsarama[/url/ about the news:

      03-17-2008, 06:15 PM #64

      I think this is absolutely terrific news. I've been saying ever since I felt the book wasn't where I wanted it to be that somebody else should pick it up rather than letting it lay fallow all this time, and Howard is probably the best choice I can imagine. He doesn't need my blessings or anyone else's, his work speaks for itself, but I think this is a magnificent pairing. I'll be reading it for sure.

      Go get 'em, Howard.

      When I asked him about it at WonderCon, JMS related how, when they made the move to Squadorn Supreme and the focus went to the group rather than on Hyperion "I began to suck. Not just suck, I swallowed". He stopped rather than drive the book into the ground.

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        I'm a huge fan of the Squadron Supreme. I enjoyed their appearances in The Avengers in the 70s but absolutely fell in love with the team after (the late and great) Mark Gruenwald did the mini-series in the 80s.

        I was thrilled with JMS treatment of the characters and I think he's laid a great foundation for other great writers to continue with.

        My question -- is Gary Frank going to be on the book for pencils? Without him, the book will loose a lot, too.


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          Gary Frank

          Originally posted by Rom2099 View Post
          My question -- is Gary Frank going to be on the book for pencils? Without him, the book will loose a lot, too.
          Probably not. He's currently doing Action for DC, although I'm not sure if he's now exclusive or not. Although the way he's being inked on Action just bothers me somewhat, especially the faces and the way the eyes and teeth look on the characters. I don't know if it's because its showing too much detail or what.

          Some links to sample covers from Action:

          The Comic Book Db cover gallery for Gary Frank

          This one for Squadron Supreme is a good example of how the inking can make things look a bit cleaner but still have some of the detail in the pencilling come through.

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            According to the (broken, but fixable if you remove the extra 'http://') link Frulad posted at the beginning of the thread, Marco Turini is providing the art now.

            Here's a fixed version of the link:


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              Gah... I suck.
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