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  • Worldsinger

    I just found this Star Trek comic at a local store last week! This was jms's Star Trek comic back from 1991. It's a quick read since it's only one issue (22 pages). I found it interesting to see some themes that showed up in Babylon 5. At one point Dr. McCoy asks Spock that if he's a scientist why he believes in the mysticism of the alien they are visiting, and Spock replies that he didn't know the two were incompatible.

    Also, another interesting theme touched on in B5 which is also brought up in the comic (spoiler for the comic though, so highlight at your own risk!):

    The theme that the knowledge of the planet should survive beyond the planet's destruction is brought up, referenced in Babylon 5 with Sinclair's speech to the reporter in "Infection" and shown at the end of "The Deconstruction of Falling Stars."

    I think it was on the Crusade commentary for "Racing the Night" where jms mentions that he has an obsession with mysterious dead worlds that are maybe not so dead. This inspiration is also apparent in this comic.

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    Another JMS theme that's in the comic is Kirk's log entry that says that life is too precious to throw it away, even for so moving a cause as Rell's.

    I just recently managed to find the script for this comic but I haven't had a chance to read it side-by-side with the comic yet.

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