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  • Night Marshal
    I got a few Gift cards for Christmas so I decided to roll the dice and get Amazing spider-man Civil War. I lost =( Its bad its really really bad.

    First it doesn't stand on its own at all. Its very unfocused The writing is preachy at best and and at its its just a hair above propaganda. I remember when JMS was saying that thing was going to be balanced and you find reason for both sides and yes Iron Man and Read have reasons for what they are doing but they are weak and unconvincing. When your pulling things right out of the McCarthy days for your just making a story we have all seen before and know how its going to end.

    It a real shame that JMS lost so much time writing good stories being stuck with these big cross overs. I don't blame him for leaving ASM he seems to be getting less and less freedom which is a real shame.

    So Stay away for Amazing Spider-man Civil War unless your really willing to put don't money on other books in the Civil War series.

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  • David Panzer
    Here you go.

    Volume 1: Coming Home (#30-35)
    Volume 2: Revelations (#36-39)
    Volume 3: Until The Stars Turn Cold (#40-45)
    Volume 4: The Life & Death of Spiders (#46-50)
    Volume 5: Unintended Consequences (#51-56)
    Volume 6: Happy Birthday (#57-58, #500-502)
    Volume 7: The Book of Ezekiel (#503-508)
    Volume 8: Sins Past (#509-514)
    Volume 9: Skin Deep (#515-518)
    Volume 10: New Avengers (#519-524)
    Spider-Man: The Other (#525-528 plus others)
    Civil War: The Road To Civil War (#529-531 plus others)
    Civil War: Amazing Spider-Man (#532-538)

    I stopped reading Spidey after volume 9, simply because I felt he worked better as a standalone character instead of as a member of a team. And then after that was The Other storyline (shudder), and then Civil War.

    And if you ask, Marvel went back to numbering issues of Amazing Spider-Man by the original series numbering at #500

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  • SmileOfTheShadow
    I think the first trade of ASM that started getting published was his first arc which started around issue 30 (renumbered version). If you search amazon for that trade, he's written everything since then (minus a couple co-writes with the lovely Fiona Avery). I think there's a lot of trades to catch up on

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  • Garibaldi's Hair
    started a topic Amazing Spider-Man TPBs

    Amazing Spider-Man TPBs

    Hi there,

    Anyone have (or know where I can find) a definitive list of the TPBs covering JMS' time on Amazing Spider-Man?