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    Well, I'm caught up on all of the "back in black" nonsense which isn't finished yet, but I'm up to date.

    I really enjoy the JMS storyline the most out of the 3 so far. Sensational just doesn't do it for me in any sense, and PAD's stories are so silly and light hearted (even when dealing with some very not silly things in Peter's life) that I can't get attached to it. So I have to rate PAD's as a not even close second to the Amazing storyline.

    Now...the back in black deal. They made some big event just because he put on a black costume? They don't really even explain it, except in amazing he's a little more of a "harder" spiderman than we've seen, from the grief over his aunt. Marvel just does so many stupid things to sell titles.

    Actually, what shocked me most of all is that ASM really isn't my favorite out of this storyline, because I failed to address one issue purposefully: Sensational Spider-man Annual. This is written by a guy I have no idea who he is, and same with the artist. However, the art in it is *gorgeous*, and it's an introspective, emotional book. Really good for an annual story. I really like it and if you're a spidey fan and pick up a couple titles a month, go grab this.
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