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  • The Supremely Powerful Thread

    It occured to me; with B5 getting all the attention on this site I think alot of his other, more recent projects are on life support.

    So what about Supreme Power? Certainly this is ranks among his greatest works to date....

    Cant wait to see what happens next. Jms said a new arc was planned from #7 onwards, I don't think he left anyone out there dissapointed....

    In my mind, the last frame in #9 really sets some alarms off.
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    Only just got the Contact collection paperback. It's a helluva story so far.

    I don't get into individual issues (price, scattered story timing, lack of a halfway decent comic shop in the area) so I don't know what else he's cooked up so far. Given the time he has to develop it though, and with the collection issues inevitable, I expect to be impressed.
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      Yeah its probably less of a headache to read the collections, but I wonder how much the earlier issues will be worth 50 years from now....


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        Depends on if it ever becomes part of the OMFG ANOTHER SUPERHERO MOVIE craze. Needs to enter common awareness before it gets uber-valuable.

        If Rising Stars (unlikely, judging by the fracas) or Midnight Nation (a possibility, one or two directors have mentioned it) ever make it to film, maybe it'll pump the JMS collectible-wagon. Otherwise - we tend to collect things a little too well nowadays. Many things hard to find, but almost nothing's ever rare.

        Heh. Reminds me, my first attempt to read Midnight Nation was buying the full set of original issues for a couple bucks off some guy on EBay. Said set was promptly stolen by my neighbors as they moved out on the day it arrived. If it turns into a moneymaker I'll really be pissed.
        Radhil Trebors
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          They STOLE it!? BASTARDS!

          FIND their new address and REPORT them!

          I'll have to be more careful with my jms stuff in the future.

          However, as to the value, there are other ways....

          >> I don't get autographs for the sake of reselling them or in hopes of them
          >> increasing in value. Some people do and I imagine that the actors/writers
          >> aware of that.
          >The value increases after the person is deceased.

          .........I'm feeling much better now....

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            SUN. MAY 2/2004/01:45 E.S.T.

            I obtained my copy of the SUPREME POWERÖ TPB yesternight for CAN$12.00, & IÆm so excited that I am unsure whether I should attempt to read it in a single sitting, or ration it over 6 nights.
            I am currently enjoying the HYPERIONÖ storyline that is satirising the origin of SUPERMANÖ, with his SMALLVILLEÖ Terran beginnings.

            I was appalled to see that the SRP for MIDNIGHT NATIONÖ TPB was CAN$47.50, so I passed on it for the moment.

            When RISING STARSÖ has been made available in its entirety, then & only then will I commit my ôhard-earned shekelsö to it.
            I was not aware until yesternight that MS. FIONA AVERY had done any work on this title.

            I am uncommitted to THE AMAZING SPIDER-MANÖ, which in its way is like a superpowered soap opera, which is what THE UNCANNY X-MENÖ became in the wake of the excellent run by MESSRS. CHRIS CLAREMONT, JOHN BYRNE & TERRY AUSTIN.
            However, since JMS is writing it, I shall give it another go.
            ôàBe seeing you!ö
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              something is stirring......

              For the color sensitive out there, there is a way to alter the bright leters that may appear in this forum.

              Simply highlight the text, and the colors should change into something less brilliant.

              Always nice to hear about more people picking up SP. Cant manage to ration the stuff out for my part. I pick em up every month and devour them.

              Speaking of which #10 has been released! Buy them now, while you still can!
              And guess who's on the cover....

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                SUPREME POWERÖ

                TUE. MAY 4/2004/10:13 E.S.T.


                I would do the same if I had available the kind of money I was making in the late 1980Æs, but that is not currently the case, so I am forced to be more picky.
                ôàBe seeing you!ö
                MALCOLM XERXES
                Stuntman/Actor FINNEGANÆS SQUADÖ


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                  Supreme Power: ongoing or limited series?

                  Hi guys - new to the board.

                  Does anyone know if Supreme Power will be ongoing? I did not see it listed in the advanced listings for Marvel in August 2004.

                  Of note is a proposed new Dr. Strange series written by JMS coming this Fall. I will try to find the link and post that a little later.


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                    As far as I know, Jms has no plans to stop writing supreme power for a long time. To my knowledge, they get released once a month.


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                      Marvel Solicitations for September

                      Still no Supreme Power listed after July. Not to engage in mindreading or anything, but there must be an unannounced Supreme Power hiatus coming up or something.


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                        Obtained from Max's website....

                        Big surprise this month: Supreme Power will be going on an unnannounced hiatus in August, and will be replaced with a six-issue limited series based on Dr. Spectrum. This is the first I've heard of the mini-series, but there have been some rumors of Supreme Power taking a break due to J. Michael Straczynski's busy schedule and Gary Frank's demanding workload. The question that remains to be revealed is when Supreme Power will return...will we have to wait six months for Dr. Spectrum to conclude?

                        DOCTOR SPECTRUM #1 (of 6)
                        Written by Samm Barnes
                        Penciled by Travel Foreman
                        Cover by Dale Keown and Richard Isanove
                        Part 1 (of 6)
                        Spinning out of Supreme Power, hot newcomer Travel Foreman and Joe StraczynskiÆs handpicked writer, Samm Barnes kick off a new miniseries starring Dr. Spectrum! Pulled from the pages of Supreme Power, learn the secret of Corporal Joe LedgerÆs dark past...........


                        Funny he didnt say anything about Supreme Power in his last message. Dont think it will be much longer before he confirms this.


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                          Well, its sad to see a story as promising as this one be put on hold, though I am very much anticipating B5 TMoS.

                          Hopefully this Samm Barnes (Debuted as a writer in Jms's Jerimiah) can uphold SP's high standard of story-telling.


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                            DOCTOR SPECTRUM #2
                            Written by SARA "SAMM" BARNES
                            Pencils by TRAVEL FOREMAN
                            Cover by DALE KEOWN
                            Creative Consultant: J. MICHAEL STRACZYNSKI
                            The story that was too big to tell in Supreme Power Vol. 1 continues. Figures from Joe Ledger's (aka: Dr. Spectrum) past continue to haunt him, as the government searches for a way to solve the Hyperion problem! Spinning out of the best-selling mature readers series in all of comics, DOCTOR SPECTRUM lights up shelves with the help of hot newcomer Travel Foreman and hand-picked J.M.S. protÚgÚ Samm Barnes!
                            32 PGS./PARENTAL ADVISORY à$2.99
                            UPC: 5960605615-00211

                            Darn! I was trying to embed the image of the cover. Oh well. Do you guys know how to embed images?
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