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    I'm weak.
    I was on holiday in the Uk last weekend and bought issue three.
    Thing is I'll probably end up buying the fracking trade anyway.
    I had a friend flick through it fo rme (wanted to see his reaction) and it's 50% ads.
    Ah well, it'll be over soon. I can chomp down on Sandman instead.
    on the "read almost all of Gaiman's output at this point" ID
    "There are no good wars. War is always the worst possible way to resolve differences. It degenerates and corrupts both sides to ever more sordid levels of existence, in their need to gain an advantage over the enemy. Those actively involved in combat are almost always damaged goods for the rest of their lives. If their bodies don't bear scars, their minds do, ofttimes both. Many have said it before, but it can't be said to enough, war is hell. "