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Colleen Doran was at Heroes Con...

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  • Colleen Doran was at Heroes Con...

    ...and I got to meet her!

    I first ran into her when I was getting the lay of the dealers room on Friday. She was only just setting up so I introduced myself and then scooted when some potential customers came by. I took (no, not quite dragged ) a JMS fan down to her table later on but it was covered. I think I still managed to convince him that he *did* want to catch up on all of the BoLS issues (as well as anything else of hers that might catch his eye).

    Saturday I barely enterred the dealers room as it was, naturally, the busiest day for the con. I was interested to see when I passed by, though, that it looked like she'd brought some of her original artwork. I wondered if any of it might be BoLS.

    On Sunday, the only reason I went to the con was to look for Colleen since JMS didn't have anything but a signing and I'd already gotten everything I had with me signed. I lucked out and, though busy, Colleen was nice enough to let me s l o w l y go through the pages she'd brought and talked about her models and hinted/teased about the villain in the upcoming issue #7.

    I'd previously bought the wonderful cover for BoLS issue #2 from her and I found a pencil sketch first draft of that which I snapped up. I also bought a lovely 'splash' page of Jonathan looking down into the river from issue #1. Have I mentioned how gorgeous Jonathan is? She was nice enough to autograph both and I particularly like the inscription on the Jonathan drawing "Not all those who wander are lost."

    I'd picked up a copy of 'Orbiter' and the first collection of 'A Distant Soil' from her table at the OneRing convention here in Orlando a few months ago but I haven't had a chance to read them yet. It's obvious that Colleen can adapt her style to any story, though, and I look forward to seeing a lot more of her work.

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    I'm hoping she'll be able to come to a Toronto convention sometime soon. She almost made it once. I was counting on the Lord of the Rings to lure her out, but since that's closing, I guess I'll have to just wait and see.
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      Who is this person?
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        Colleen does the art work for Book of Lost Souls. As well as other comics.


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          Currently she's the artist for JMS's 'Book of Lost Souls'. She's published her own title, 'A Distant Soil' and has been the artist for Warren Ellis's 'Orbiter' and Neil Gaimon's 'Sandman'. She's also a well known Lord of the Rings illustrator and has a book on Manga coming out in October. She's been invited to speak overseas and at the Smithsonian institution. Her website is here.


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