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  • B5 Wallpaper?

    I was wondering if anyone had any desktop wallpapers featuring the Icarus? I've been searching everyone and haven't found a thing.

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    There's a site who's address which ecaspes me that has a number of b5 ships on it perhaps the Icarus is on it .If not if you have picture it or something like that you can make one yourself.


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      A lot of the DVD playing software for computers have a screen capture tool with them. You could merely use that to watch the episode, capture the screen when the Icarus is there, and use it however you see fit (so long as it is not for profit, tee hee).
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        One of the best websites I've found for B5 wallpapers is Desktop Starships. They have a section devoted to B5 so a wallpaper of the Icarus should be there. One of my professors in college told me about it back in the '99 Fall semester. It's been in my bookmark folder for 6 years straight, in second place behind The Onion which has been a bookmark for 7 years
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          Cool. I definately check it out! If anyone knows of other places, please let me know. I'm always looking.


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            Ha that was what I was thinking of Desktop Starships .