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3 main reasons why you will get Season 5 dvd

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  • 3 main reasons why you will get Season 5 dvd

    1) Elizabeth Lochley (YUMMY!!!)
    2) Drakh (What can i say im an action guy)
    3) SiL (Im sure ill cry like a baby again!!)
    Sleeping in Light-----Darnit! Shut the Window.

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    I might be in the minority, but I really didn't dislike Season 5, and prefer it to Season 2 quite a bit. I wasn't crazy about Lochley, but not for the same reasons as a lot of people; I wasn't crazy about her character, but I thought Tracy Schoogins(sp?) did a rather good job portraying her. While the first half was a bit slow, it really did pay off in the long-run, and episodes like "The Corps is Mother, the Corps is Father" and "Day of the Dead" were two of the best stand-alones to date imho. And the second half, I think, does speak for itself... quite a few whams there, and some really exciting stuff which I found quite enjoyable.

    And then there is, of course, Sleeping in Light... which was probably the best B5 episode ever, just because everything really does lead to that point, and all that is done throughout the entire series really feels like it's just a set up for that final moment. And I loved that, and it can't be seen in any other TV show out there.

    So, while Season 5 isn't my favourite per se, it's certainly quite good and well worth the purchase... at least, in my opinion


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      Three main reasons why *I'll* buy the S5 DVD:

      1 - I love the show, all of it. And Season 5 has some of my favorite episodes.

      2 - Captain Lochley - an interesting character who most fans never gave a chance because of their disappointment in the loss of Ivanova.

      3 - Sleeping in Light. Because it's completely JMS's vision since he not only wrote it, he directed it and even appeared in it. And it's a good cry.

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        1) Babylon 5 is my favourite TV series ever. I was never disappointed in season 5, not even a little bit. Now I haven't seen season 5 in several years (no replays of B5 here in Norway) and I am starting to forget the episodes, so I can't wait to see them again.

        2) So that everything will make sense. When season 5 first went on TV I was in the military. I often had the weekends free (B5 was aired on sundays), but other times it was impossible to have even sundays free. The series also aired over many years, and even if I managed to keep up with the main story, there was sometimes some small things that I missed out on. With the DVD's I have finally gotten a chance of getting really into B5, watching the episodes when I want, as often as I want.

        3) For the great feeling it is to spend a whole weekend with my wife watching Babylon 5 episodes I haven't seen in years, and that she has never seen. For all the episodes, all the characters, and the conclusion of the 5 year long main story.

        ...and when season 5 comes out, I will be waiting for the TV movies and Crusade coming out on DVD. I have seen maybe two episodes of Crusade while being on vacation in Romania, and I have seen none of the TV movies.


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          1) 'Cause I don't view Season 5 as the decline of the show, same way I don't view Season 1 as the wobbly beginings. It's all part of the package.

          2) 'Cause for ill or good, everyone's sent off in their final directions. This is the end, though it takes the whole year.

          3) 'Cause Sleeping in Light, if you've missed everything this show stood for for five years, hits you in the heart and head with all of it packed into a massive brick. Everything the show ever stood for is written there, acted there, even bluntly stated at the very end by our Ivanova, plain as day. And it shines.
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            How could one not get S5 after committing to the first four? I suppose there are those who nix S5. Not this user. But I will say, I will NOT be purchasing S5 for Sleeping in Light.

            This is bound to be unpopular, but I don't have the same opinion on SiL. For me, it was a HUGE disappointment. I found it amazingly slow and very difficult to watch. Could be that the hype was over the top, and by the time it aired I had way too many expectations.

            It seemed out of context somewhat as well, since Ivonova wasn't in S5. The ep may have worked better for me if she'd been there, but it seemed wierd that Ivonova was barely mentioned in S5, only to see her future updated in SiL. That one fact alone created issues that I had trouble overlooking.

            But I did like the scene where they each say the name of a character that has "moved on" in some way. Quite moving.

            Time to go on record. I'll be getting S5 for one and only one ep: the Mack and Beau ep!!

            (I hope my obvious sarcasm here was noticed)


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              Originally posted by The Guy

              It seemed out of context somewhat as well, since Ivonova wasn't in S5. The ep may have worked better for me if she'd been there, but it seemed wierd that Ivonova was barely mentioned in S5, only to see her future updated in SiL. That one fact alone created issues that I had trouble overlooking.
              Why? Not only did the majority there spend 4 years with her on a station, but they all fought through the most influential war in the history of their galaxy. They endured events together unlike anything ever to be seen, and for her to be elsewhere would be *wrong*. She wasn't there during 2262. To be blunt, for her character, it makes *sense* that she wasn't. After Marcus she threw herself into her career completely, she *alienated* those close to her, and it *took* something like the inevtiable death of Sheridan to bring her back. For me it plays into the thing *perfectly*, and I would have had a terribly hard time buying Ivanova's burnt-out General apperance if she had spent all of Season 5 galvanizing with all of her old friends, lacking any real event on the equivilance of Marcus's sacrifice that could have thrown her that far into herself and into her military career.

              The fact of the matter is that they endured events together on a scale we cannot compare effectively in today's history. She should be there, and even moreso if Sheridan's death, the central figure of all these great events, was occuring, and twas her last chance to see him after time she's beginning to feel might have been wasted.

              Sorry if I'm a bit harsh, but I find your analysis of SiL pretty lousy. The series was always intended to go there, and it's really easy to look back and watch where they came from and where they went. To me SiL was inevitable, and twas the final moment when it all became focused together, and thus made it my favourite episode... and I'm far from the only one in that sentiment.


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                Oh well, diverse opinions is what makes the world go around.

                Am I allowed to have a different take on things? I'm not trying to be a troll with nasty posts. (If you notice, I never used the words "sucks" or "cool".) Just that after all my expectations, it was a huge disappointment for me.

                No need to discuss its importance to the canon, we all agree on that.

                The ep just didn't do a whole lot for me, far from my favorite in the series.


                Lousy? Ouch. "Different" would be a better desription.


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                  Just three reasons? Yeah. Sure. I'll try to keep it under a thousand.

                  1 - Uh, it's Babylon 5. Even at its worst (*CoughInfectionCough*), it's better than most of the television programs out there.

                  2 - It continues the story, and shows us how Garibaldi becomes the man in charge of Edgars-Garibaldi Industries, we now know how Lennier betrayed Delenn, and what happened after the ISA was founded.

                  3 - Day of the Dead. That episode still haunts me.

                  4 - The music. Chris Franke is one of the most talented musicians on the planet, and his score for certain episodes (Day of the Dead, Objects at Rest/Sleeping in Light) should be required listening to any music students.

                  5 - The writing is constitantly powerful.

                  6 - The relationship between G'Kar and Londo is explored as never before; they've gone from bitter hated enemies (season 1) to actually being the best of friends (season 5). "You're worried? Well I won't be getting any sleep tonight"

                  7 - Lyta. She has finally come to the forefront of the stories, and it's about damn time too. Pat Tallman deserves more screen time, and she finally gets it, and she's able to show just what she can do ... "You shouldn't have woken up. This is just a dream. It never happened" to "Pleased to meet you" ... That simple phrase, combined with the red glowing eyes, is enough to send chills up your spine.

                  8 - Lochley. I didn't like her at first, I saw her as a poor clone of Ivanova ... until Day of the Dead. From that point on, the actress finally "got" the role, and she became one of the best characters in the series.

                  9 - Kosh's message. "When the long night comes, return to the end of the beginning".

                  10 - The Regent was amusing before. Now he's completely nuts, and I'm always up for watching a good nervous breakdown. He doesn't fail.

                  11 - Sleeping in Light.

                  12 - The return of Na'Toth. Oh, how I missed her!

                  13 - The opening montage/music, showing us just how far we've come ... and what it's cost us.
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                    Originally posted by The Guy
                    Oh well, diverse opinions is what makes the world go around.

                    Am I allowed to have a different take on things? I'm not trying to be a troll with nasty posts. (If you notice, I never used the words "sucks" or "cool".)
                    Neither do I

                    Lousy? Ouch. "Different" would be a better desription.
                    I didn't say your opinion was lousy, cause there isn't any such thing really (unless you count an uninformed opinion, which is obviously not the case here). I said your analysis, or probably a better term: the only substantive reason you provided for disliking the show (Ivanova), was lousy, and that's for all of the reasons posted above. As for the other reasons, those are matters of personal feeling and taste and effect, and I can't really say anything about those because they're not mine.


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                      You know, I waited 24 hours before replying, because in this case it's the right thing to do.

                      I originally posted a legitimate comment, albeit a different viewpoint. You then, rip me a new one, calling my analysis "lousy". You never once suggested we discuss said opinion (which is what I attempted), just a flame.

                      Then, when I asked if I was allowed to post a different viewpoint you attempt (yet again) to show that my analysis was "lousy" and yours wasn't. If I may:

                      For me it plays into the thing *perfectly*

                      Note the operative words: FOR ME. I would like to point out that my opinion is no less valid (or lousy) than yours. In fact, when I posted my original opinion I used those exact words: "FOR ME". I didn't label your opinion "lousy". Any legitimate user would appreciate the same courtesy.

                      Oh, and FYI - the Ivonova issue was the only one I mentioned. There were more.

                      Since you seem unwilling to concede the fact that others who disagree with you offer no validity in relation to their comments, I offer this:

                      According to JMS-

                      "-this one (SiL) is a stand-alone episode which I specifically designed in order to have the flexibility to air it either as 422 or as 522, depending on what happens. If there's no season 5, then the fourth one aired is 422, "Sleeping in Light". If there is a season 5, 422 is yanked out of the mix and moved down to occupy 522's slot."

                      This clearly indicates that SiL was already in the can before CC's departure. And, JMS has indicated that had CC stayed on for S5, many of the arcs would've been different. Granted, some of those arcs are unsettling - Ivonova's affair with Byron, for one - which I'm glad I never had to see.

                      Nevertheless, this information puts a completely different spin on SiL!

                      One could say that structure of this episode lends itself to a somewhat broader interpretation from the viewer, especially if you compare and contrast viewing the ep at the end of S4 instead of the end of S5.

                      This is the kind of discussion I hoped to see. But alas, flames.

                      You sir, could use a serious lesson in tact.

                      Moderators, shouldn't a new member be given the opportunity to discuss an opposing view in a legitimate manner before being ripped a new one? Is this AICN? If you feel that you don't need any new members, well that's different.

                      However, this reminds me of the old ST:Voyager message boards, where anyone who posted a comment that didn't gush over the series was flamed.

                      So don't bother wasting your time with a scathing reply where you quote me repeatedly then sidestep any kind of answers - I won't see it. I'll remove myself from this "discussion" and find a group where I can discuss the series in an intelligent, courteous forum with other adults. Oh, excuse me - I should've put an asterick around *adults*.

                      Good job, you've prompted a new user to exit and not return.

                      TG out, for good (riddance).


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                        Hey, now ... All opinions are valid, as long as they agree with my own.

                        Come on, that was funny. Laugh!
                        "Jan Schroeder is insane" - J. Michael Straczynski, March 2008

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                          Is it horrible to say I didn't really see where I was being mean or even flaming? ;-)

                          Guess I'm just already used to an amount of professionalism here that dosen't take everything as a personal flame, but rather, a discussion of conflicting viewpoints... but hey, that's not for all I supporse.


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                            Guys,no need to flame one another,every one can say what he or she want to,as long as you dont curse or go childish (youre stupid,no you are! ),i for a change would love to see a new user here that hates Babylon 5,i never met one person who said that B5 is stupid/lame/or any of that....of course there are those that saw one episode (season 5 ep 15)* and claim that the show is stupid cause it doesnt make sense hehe

                            *Just a random season and episode.
                            Sleeping in Light-----Darnit! Shut the Window.


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                              Hi everybody, especially The Guy and Kevin:

                              I must say that I agree with TG concerning Sleeping in Light, but not for the same reasons. There I was, together with my SO, waiting for the Final Episode, where All Questions Would Be Resolved and All Answers Told, in an episode that was only matched by the most intense ones from season 4.

                              Was I disappointed?

                              What I got was a slow, boring (yes), sentimental episode, where nothing happened. Ok, there was a few moments where it was hard to keep the tears at bay, but otherwise it was just plain boooring.

                              Afterwards I just felt empty: where was the promise that this was a five year story? It was clearly meant to be a five year plus sixty years of spin-offs story.

                              Now for TG and K. I read the Kevins answer and didn't notice anything wrong with it, even though I think it WAS a bit harsh to say that Guys analysis was lousy, but you DID say "Sorry if I'm a bit harsh,..." and that softens it quite a bit. For me at least.
                              TG, I think you overreacted!

                              Just my 2c, of course.
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