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    Hi friends,

    first of all: welcome - I registered here the moment ago.
    And now I'm happy to be here!

    I find it very interesting what you write about worst episode etc.!

    For example "TKO" I find extremely interesting because of the Ivanova plot. If you cut that episode out of Babylon 5, something important would be missing, don't you think? Rabbi Koslov and Ivanova - I really loved to see that!

    I do admit that the Walker Smith plotline wasn't that needed or that good ... but well actually it's funny!

    Well what I think is my worst episode, to be honest I can't really say!
    There is nothing you must hate in Babylon 5 - because it's so rich and strong in its whole - in every episode there are quotes and things you can write down, so I wouldn't dare to pull down just one single episode.

    Of course there are great, genious, godlike (*ggg*) episodes and few that aren't the most gorgeous out there in the universe!