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Narn religion and the last great war

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  • Narn religion and the last great war

    What exactly do we know about Narn religion? From what I gathered from comments by G'Kar and Na'Toth, some are followers of G'Quon (like G'Kar), some, like Na'Toth's father, are followers of G'Lan, and some, like Na'Toth, are atheists. G'Lan must have some significance to G'Kar, since that's how Kosh appeared to him in the S2 finale. Do we know who he was -- another Shadow war hero, perhaps?

    I haven't seen any signs of the divine in what we know of their belief system. While the Valen is shrouded in mysicism and had the bonus of having made prophecies, G'Quon seems like a regular, if remarkable, dude who led his people against the darkness.

    I know the Narns weren't even close to being in space yet, but what about the Centauri? Do we know what they were up to back then? For that matter, what's the timeframe of their occupation?

    Thanks in advance.

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    while most of your questions are easily answered by wathcing every single episode of the original serise, I'll save you some time...

    G'Quan was a very remarkable man(errr narn) who was seen as prophetic. He led his people in the only recorded succesfull revolt against the shadows by a low tech species. This is because either with divine/vorlon intervention (like what they did to "teach" delen and sheridan), he figured out their only big weakness... teeps. Shadow retaliations rendered the narn race incapable of breeding a telepath genetically dominant enough to be phenotypical.

    G'lan I believe is the narn god. I think the narn held G'quan as more mystical than G'lan. It may be that they are more "down to earth" as we say, appreciating the extraordinary men more than the divine. The divine being brushed off as mere mythology or as sub-cultural aspects unless brought to life dramaticlly as Kosh did for many narn on B5.

    The centauri I believe were infered to have initiated a technological leap back in the time period. It is speculated that they made such advancements by alien intervention, weather that be in the form of a downed space craft or an abandoned base of operations is up to your partiality. I have read enough to make me more believe in the "downed craft theory" but I don't think JMS himself has ever clearly indicated what the cause was. I do however believe the centauri were placed somewhere between 1890 and 1960's earth-time technology before intervention, but I could be wrong.

    And by which occupation do you mean... If the centauri on narn occupation, there were 2, the first of which lasting (if memory serves) 150 years? and the second (the one in show) from mid-season 2 to early-season 5.


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      Thanks for the background info.

      I've seen the whole series enough to remember the occupation of Narn in the series, I just couldn't remember how long ago the first one was supposed to be. G'Kar was a kid, right?


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        correct, and it was mentioned about how long ago the initial occupation ended though I'm not remembering it at the moment.
        I want to say about.... 50 years as of season 2?