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  • Vorlon arrival

    I was just skimming through the different episodes when it occured to me that each time we see a Vorlon transport arriving at B5 through the jump gate(2 times?), it does so flying backwards. Anyone know if there's a reason for this? Looking closer it would seem that the arrivals, one in The Gathering the other in Walkabout, are actually the same clip. Strange they should have the ship fly backwards, though.

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    The original intent, from what I've read, was that the Vorlon ship came out of hyperspace at an incredible speed, so it did so backwards to enable it to slow down enough by the time it reached the station to be able to dock, which would require it to be going much slower than if it was to just putter around outside the station.

    I guess they might have originally planned on having all ships do this maybe, but ended up abandoning the idea as the show was more developed in the area of practicality.


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      Don't forget that the Vorlon's ships are organic and are ahead by like hmmm million years from the rest of the species,i dont think they have "regular" engines.

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        Maybe they are just like trains and can travel either way, depending on the mood of the pilot ... or the ship come to that.
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          I remembered JMS commenting on this before, so a quick serach of the Archives for "vorlon backwards" yielded these results:

          There might be more, but that's what I found on a single search. It was the least I could do, and never let it be said that I didn't do the least I could.
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