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    Starting a new thread with a thought I got from reading another thread.

    Could it be that the children of Valen are not his biological children? They could be like a cult/order that appeared after his disappearance.

    That Valen later, as I believe, found Catherine Sakai and presumably got children with her, could be an altogether other issue. His children may not even be known as Valen's, but were persecuted because they were viewed as freaks.

    Just a thought...

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    I know I should probably read up on it, but can anyone tell me briefly how Sakai met Valen/Sinclair, where she was from, and any other details. I don't believe she was ever in B5 the series.


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      Originally posted by Anders
      I know I should probably read up on it, but can anyone tell me briefly how Sakai met Valen/Sinclair, where she was from, and any other details. I don't believe she was ever in B5 the series.
      You may want to check up on The Parliament of Dreams, Mind War and Chrysalis.

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        First off, the triluminary would not have responded to Delenn like it did had she simply been a descendent of a cult group. It needed Sinclair DNA to activate like that

        As discussed in a previous thread, we know Sakai never became Minbari. So, this presents three possibilities

        1) Valen and Sakai did have, for better or worse, children which were eventually introduced into Minbari society

        2) Valen had had a previous relationship with a Minbari female before having found Sakai

        3) Valen used a Minbari female after finding Sakai so that his genes can be passed down.

        Keep in mind that Sinclair has no obligation per se to have children; he does not know that Delenn is his descendent. This puts an intersting twist on the whole thing, and while on one hand it'd be nice to think he and Sakai had wonderful inbreeds children together, that may not be the case.

        Either way, there's been a couple of comments by jms to indicate there was indeed a large scandal in the life of Valen which was partially due to Sakai. But only partially...


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          OK, now I remember her very well. She was Sinclair's girlfriend in the first season. But how did she travel a 1000 years back?


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            What you've missed is "To Dream in the City of Sorrows" - I think that's the title anyway. Which is one of the stand-alone novels that came out on B5. Most of what we didn't see on the show between S1 and War Without End with Sinclair is included in there.
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              Aye, To Dream in the City of Sorrows is probably *the* B5 book to read. I mean all the cannon B5 novels are rather good and do a good job of fleshing out the story, but that is probably the most important one imho to read.


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                About Valen and Sakai having children:

                Some quotes from JMS posted in the inspiring First Ones Thread by Joseph DeMartino:
                It's either their ignorance or they don't care...but you're correct, in the B5 universe you can't have two races interbreeding just like that. (In fact, I seem to recall pointing this out in my notes on the manuscript; odd that it hasn't been attended to, from what you're saying. I can only assume that it slipped between the cracks.)

                jms 03/21/1996 03:08 PM

                No, the First Ones, Vorlons and Shadows aren't parents in any sense of the word...we all evolved on our own, there's no common genetics , and they didn't seed life here or elsewhere.

                Jms 09/24/1996 05:49 PM

                Q: Joe, Silly question probably but, is Minbari sexual physiology completely compatible with human physiology?

                A: No, not under normal circumstances; it'd have to undergo some fairly extensive genetic modifications before that could happen.

                Jms 03/31/1996 06:04 AM

                Hybrids are impossible in the B5 universe without direct genetic alteration. You can't just have casual mating. Interspecies sex may present opportunities for exploration, but the chances of a Narn impregnating a human are about the same as a human impregnating a fish and producing a motorcycle.

                jms 12/20/1993 03:48 PM
                He posted more there, but you get the idea.
                Unless Sakai had been Minbarized and Sinclair only partially Minbarized they didn't even share the physiology to have sex.

                Remember the episode where Delenn had a bad hair day? Her comment at the end of terrible cramps? Those pre-menstrual symptoms shows how her phsyiology had to change to be able to mate with Sheridan.

                I think that the Children of Valen are those of the transformed Sinclair with Minbari women, and that only near the end of his life did he find Catherine, I say more about that in that other thread... where you also find some contradicting comments about a scandal resulting from Sakai remaining with human appearance.

                And reading "City of Sorrows" is indeed highly recommended. As to how Sakai ended in the past, without giving you spoilers really all I can say is: how did B4 and Sinclair got there?
                That's the only Time Machine in the B5 Universe (unless you want to argue that tachyon communicators are time machines).
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