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Are the children from in "In the Beginning" of House Jaddo?

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  • SpooRancher

    According to the four novels by Peter David, the novelization of "In the Beginning" and the three Centauri Prime books (which expanded on his extra information introduced in ITB) the two children ARE of what was once House Jaddo.

    Once Urza Jaddo was declared a traitor, and was killed in the battle by Londo, the widow and children (at that time) became house Mollari. As the two children in ITB are obviously WAY too young to have been alive during "Knives", they would likely be the grandchildren of Urza Jaddo.

    Since the last name is different, it is fairly safe to assume (although not a given) that Urza had a daughter who married someone in House Deradi.

    However, since the Centauri Prime books are considered about 99% canon, the two children ARE related to House Mollari (once Jaddo) in SOME way, a way that is not completely explained (unless my memory of reading the books a year ago does not include the specifics).

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  • Ranger1
    Hmmmm im not so sure about that,they are too young for that time line.

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  • David Panzer
    I've not read Peter David's novelization of "In the Beginning", except for the few pages available as a preview on amazon. The novelization does say that Luc and Lyssa are from House Jaddo. The reason I've not read the entire book yet is because I've not found a copy in any store, and buying a book can wait until a job is secured.

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  • Radhil
    I believe it even alludes to this in one of the books on Centauri Prime. Not sure if it says it outright, but as good as.

    So yeah, I'd say you're right.

    I need to drag my books out of storage. Becoming a nuisance not having the whole library here.

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  • Jan
    I'm pretty sure that you're right.


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  • Are the children from in "In the Beginning" of House Jaddo?

    I was watching the DVD of "In the Beginning" last night with the commentary and was reminded of something I noticed from previous viewings. I've always wondered if Luc and Lyssa Deradi, the children in the Palace, were there because they were scions of House Jaddo, the family Londo joined to House Mollari and swore to protect after the death of his friend, Urza Jaddo in "Knives".

    I am probably reading waaaay too much into it. They're kids. Their youth is a nice contrast to Londo, and they're a plot device.