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  • The Memory of the idea

    From looking on the web site and around the net, it looks as if the project has run into small problems, whcih is a damn shame!
    From what I read about the idea of the show it really does tie up lose ends about the shadow tech that must be floating around out there.

    Now if it is at the moment on hold what is the possability of as Battlestar Galatica did get funind and the like from Sky TV, it would be a good wy to help out and it might just work, okay I may be clutching at straws or someone else may have already said this, but I thought I would ask it anyhow!

    All the best


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    Not small problems. Dead in the water.

    I don't think that soliciting help from Sky TV is relevant in this particular case; TMoS was a feature film.



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      You scared me with the thread title, for a moment I thought this would be a story idea and we would have a repeat of some recent discussions we had about never posting story ideas in these fora... I think your heart is in the right place, I'd also wish for a TMoS revival.
      Originally posted by solair
      Now if it is at the moment on hold [....]
      All the best

      But is not on hold...

      "It's finished, it's kaput, it's over, finito Benito, dead Fred, gone for a song like old Hong Kong"

      To partially quote a post by JMS (with emphasis added) instead of an obscure line from an obscure song from an obscure band:
      In the end, however, the deal could not be put together, and it did not look as if that was going to change at any point in the foreseeable future. So the option has reverted, and to all intents and purposes, the project has dead ended. Nor do I think this particular incarnation will arise again at any point in the future, though prognostication has always been a tricky art, especially if you have to do it without the benefit of hindsight.
      Even the rights to produce the TMoS script itself don't belong to JMS (check ), nor is he interested in trying again for a B5 movie in the immediate future ( ).
      And as Amy said, a cable channel like Sky may help finance a TV series, but financing a theatrical movie is a different beast.
      (HBO may be one of the few exceptions where a cable channel also finances some theatrical movies, but then, Sky is not HBO).

      All the best to you too.
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        Thanks for the feed back guys

        Thanks for the feed back, I didn't know that it was a feature film, and its a real shame its been scrapped.

        Thanks for taking time to post back

        All the best