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  • Update: New B5 Comics

    With confirmations at the Mongoose Publishing website, itÆs clear now that Babylon 5 is coming back to comics.

    Mongoose currently has the license to produce Babylon 5-based games, but recently on its website posted:

    ôMongoose Publishing is proud to announce an agreement with Warner Brothers to produce an all new range of novels and graphic novels for Babylon 5. We have some exciting tales lined up for you, delving into never-before-explored areas of the Babylon 5 universe and expanding the storyline beyond the TV series. Releases will begin appearing in Q4 2005 - more news on authors and storylines coming soon!

    ôThe greatest science fiction story ever continues. . .ö

    Seeking confirmation, or at least a further lead, Newsarama contacted Tony Lee (who pens Starship Troopers for Mongoose) for comment. Lee declined comment, but Newsarama found that the writer had posted the following on his website:

    ôBABYLON 5.

    That's right. Unfortunately I can't confirm what it's going to be about, or even what format it's going to be in, as there's talk of either releasing each story as a stand alone trade paperback - or putting it out as a 5 part monthly comic from Quarter 4 2005, and then collecting it as a trade. There's a meeting at Mongoose at the end of April to decide this and all PR announcements will follow.

    All I can say is:

    1) Sam Hart will be definitely be the artist on Story 1 - which will be based around an aspect of the Babylon 5 universe that's only been hinted at before, and involves a character that changed the lives of billions.

    2) There's a possibility that's been discussed in passing of a second story to run slightly staggered, also by myself but with a different art team which will be more up to date and concentrate of a different area of the Babylon 5 universe.

    3) JMS knows about this, yes. I emailed him yesterday and I hope to have him involved in this - after all, it is his baby.

    More news will come out at the end of the month - and expect it to be a large part of the Mongoose Panel announcements at the Bristol Expo.

    Thanks to the deal with Warner, Mongoose will be releasing both Novels and Graphic novels in the Babylon 5 universe over the coming months.ö
    "Babylon 5 was the last of the Babylon stations. There would never be another. It changed the future, and it changed us..."

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    Additional comments from this Tony Lee chappy mentioned above, mainly addressing concerns that JMS isn't involved in this:

    "I can't say what the deal with Mongoose, Warner and JMS is. As I said to Newsarama I can't comment past what I said on my own blog, which was mainly so Sam Hart could at least announce it. PR and news will come out after the end of the month.

    I contacted JMS as soon as I got the greenlight from Warner/Mongoose because it's common courtesy to check in with him. It's his world. It's his dream. He's a god damned hero of mine.

    Also, theres a lot of things that we'll need final sign off from plotwise, so it makes sense to ensure I have a dialogue open from the start.

    And as for a feeling of dread at JMS being 'ousted'?

    Bristol Expo. I'm there. Mongoose is there. JMS is there.

    You don't think there's going to be a meeting or two?.... ;-)"


    "Man - I'm the BIGGEST Bab 5 fan ever.

    This isn't no simple work for hire.

    And be protective as you want."
    "Babylon 5 was the last of the Babylon stations. There would never be another. It changed the future, and it changed us..."


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      Interesting to say the least but with no confirmation I will take this "news" on possible stories and authors etc for what it is .