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    Heard that there is plans for a DVD set with the B5 TV movies on. The list does not included the legand of the Rangers. I know this is a pure B5 movie but is from the B5 universe. Any hope of this being included on the DVD set? Any hope of it coming out seperately



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    When JMS said that the Rangers pilot would not be included in the B5 movie set because it wasn't really part of the original series he also said that it would be released separately. The movies will be released sometime after S5 arrives in April.

    The movie set will include The Gathering and In the Beginning, this time with commentaries by JMS. (No word yet on whether or not they will also get new transfers and 5.1 sound remixes, or if there will be any other extras.) It will also include Thirdspace and River of Souls. It is unclear if it will also include A Call to Arms. Someone asked JMS if that would be in the TV movie set or the Crusade set (which is also coming later this year) and his answer was ambiguous. Don't know yet if any of the previously unreleased movies will have commentary tracks or any other special features.


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      I can't wait for the movie set. I guess it means I have to buy the Gathering and In The Beginning for the second time though, but it will be worth it. I have never even seen Thirdspace, River Of Souls, A Call To Arms and Legend of the Rangers. I have also only seen a few Crusade episodes, which I got to see while I was on vacation in another country, since they were never sent in Norway.


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        Oh oh,they better stick Call to Arms in that package or ill shoot someone...i love that movie!!!
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