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  • Originally posted by WillieStealAndHow
    So the Army want to be Marines. Typical
    Having several Marines in my family, this cracks me up.



    • Originally posted by Z'ha'dumDweller
      Well, that goes without saying.

      For what it's worth, this is how the old system worked:


      Level 1 - Special Editions and prequels
      Level 2 - Original films
      Level 3 - Radio dramatizations
      Level 4 - Novelizations

      Offical Continuity:

      Novels, comics, games, Ewok made-for-TV movies


      Stuff like the children's Trioculous Saga, Droids cartoon, etc.

      Originally, Dark Empire was considered apocrypha, until the decision was made to make it official. The first novel to mention the events that took place in Dark Empire was Jedi Search.
      Good list, but quick clarification to that last point:

      Dark Empire was always intended to fit directly into the official continuity from day one, the creators (Veitch and Kennedy) working with Timothy Zahn and the LFL folks to keep all their facts straight. Originally, the two projects were intiated separately (Dark Empire in 1988, and the Zahn trilogy in late '89/early '90), but the decision was made fairly early on to tie the two together and keep everything within the same continuity.
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      • Originally posted by ninjrk
        As to the other, JMS has stated both via Usenet and internally to the game groups back in the AoG and CE days that there is indeed an EarthForce Army and Navy. That's partly why you see general Franklin and the officer from "Eyes" wearing a differently colored uniform. He also specifically instructed CE to include an Army and Navy rep in the Earth Alliance Joint Chiefs according to one of the peoiple who worked at CE when their EarthForce book was written. To be fair, he also stated that there were Marines but I've not heard of him contradicting the division in EarthForce.

        I have, obviously, no way of telling what JMS said to the game groups, but JMS has stated on the Usenet things like (4/21/94)
        Yes and no. All Earthforce uniforms in this division are blue; EA marines are olive/brown; security and other NCO areas get grey.
        and (10/28/93)
        We're assuming that the navy and airforce have more or less merged into Earthforce, so there's influences from both sides.
        In fact, if you search for "Earthforce" and "Navy" you get just the quote listed here plus a commen on RN ship names, and if you look up "Earthforce" and "army" you get a comment about Major Krantz's uniform and a comment about contempory US army bases.

        So, the Usenet does not support any division between army and navy except as "divisions" of earthforce, just as the show does not. Clearly, there was some specialization and some cross-assignments (like Majors Krantz and Ryan - the latter even in "navy" blue) but there is no evidence in the shw or Usenet that there was anything called an "Earthforce Army" or Earthforce Navy."

        The gaming companies can go with what they have for their purposes, and I will go with what I have for my purposes. The discrepancy doesn't bother me and shouldn't bother you/them. We have completely different agendas and different sources for our conclusions.
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        • And a check on shows that the Mongoose books are still unpublished...
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