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    Originally posted by white_star25
    I think I must be the only person in this forum to have gotten her first glimpse of Crusade just a week ago!
    You're dead wrong there: I happened to buy the box last week and watched the whole lot on saturday. I could see the show had great potential and Galen was my favorite character too. By the way, is he related to Edward Woodward (Alwyn in the series)?
    We were only getting Star Trek on Flemish TV; for other shows, we had to rely on foreign channels or information from the web before deciding to whether to buy or not (so I'm anxiously awaiting a Region 2 edition of Jeremiah, but so far... nothing... and thus the January poster 'Hope is all we have" on my wall is most appropriate).
    Now there is a new commercial channel and we're catching up a bit: I saw the first episode of Firefly on Sunday. Can't yet see what all the fuss is about.
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      Originally posted by DeMonk
      By the way, is he related to Edward Woodward (Alwyn in the series)?
      He sure is ... he is his son!
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