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How did spoilers effect you?

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    Originally posted by Jan
    And it was uphill both ways in blinding snowstorms...
    Bare feet, don't forget.
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      As for the question: "How did spoilers effect you?"

      Not at all. With some movies spoilers ruin a lot (eg. Memento), but with Babylon 5 the spoilers didn't do anything bad (for me) because I watched to see the story "unfold". One already said that knowing the fate of Londo didn't do anything "wrong", I would like to second that. Even when I know exactly what will happen in one story I still like to see everything. I also re-watch all DVDs from time to time, and always find something "new", some "background-element" not seen prior, some story-plot which I just now understood. Babylon 5 is much more than spoilers, it is an experience 9-)

      Ok, this is my second post here, and as you might have noticed english is not my native tounge. So sorry for every wrong spelling and errors on the way, hope to be here a long time 8-)

      greetings from austria, best known for its history and fine wine... feels like a wine cellar on a graveyard 8-)


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        I saw lots of spoilers--Delenn's transformation, Shadows and Vorlons and many of their ships and technologies, Sheridan's demise, etc. The one HUGE surprise for me was Garibaldi's fate. I was convinced that he would meet a tragic end. But instead he hooked up with Lise, became obscenely rich, and had a daughter.


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          Welcome Harrrdy, and your English is better than mine, so you will do fine.
          I believe that when we leave a place, part of it goes with us and part of us remains. Go anywhere in the station, when it is quiet, and just listen. After a while, you will hear the echoes of all our conversations, every thought and word we've exchanged. Long after we are gone .. our voices will linger in these walls for as long as this place remains. But I will admit .. that the part of me that is going .. will very much miss the part of you that is staying.


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            Unfortunately I had on B5 the worse case of spoliers with a TV series.

            I starting to watch it from some VHS a friend had, I was very extited still on the second season, when another guy came up, and said: "Ahh you are watching B5, I love that show, I loved the fact that Vorlons and just like the Shadows they want to control but with order and not Chaos, and are not just good guys." From that moment I knew the biggest surprise on the series.

            I almost punch the guy :kidding:

            ... I dont remember any other spolier that affect me that much.

            For the Glory of Gamilon!!!!


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              I started watching in late season 3 of the original broadcast, catched up with the Lurker's Guide.
              In that sense I was thoroughly spoiled for what I later saw on the TNT re-airing of the whole show, but it didn't affect me, since I was able to pick up some details that get lost in transcription, and the knowledge of how hints fitted in the whole arc added some enjoyment... also is not like I remembered each and every detail I had read about S1-S3, only the general idea, and I also noticed that some things I was remembering wrong.

              During most of the original run I had no idea what was coming, though I would go to the Lurker's guide after watching a new episode to see the notes and analysis (and of course, the JMS speaks section!). That added a further layer of understanding and enjoyment in most cases.

              But I did spoil myself completely the watching of one B5 episode in the original run, a 4th season ep (can't or would rather not remember which one). You know what a rollercoaster that season was, I was too eager to know what would happen, so I peeked. Given that the Houston airing of B5 was on Saturday by Friday the Lurker's Guide page for the episode was quite close to complete.
              And when I watched the episode on Saturday I knew too much.
              At each commercial break I already knew what would happen in the next scenes.
              It was still a good episode, just not one where I had the satisfaction of surprise and suspense... I had been self-spoiled.
              So I remained spoiler-free for all the rest of B5 as I watched each episode as it was broadcast. (*)

              And for the most part I have preferred it that way for everything else.

              (*) If you want the whole story: I didn't have cable until the middle of Season 5 on TNT, so I again used the Lurker's Guide to know what had been going on, when TNT re-ran the episodes of S5 I had missed I had the same reaction as when I first watched S1-S3.5, I had an idea of what was coming but I could enjoy seeing how it all fit together and how the arc developed.
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