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    Well, I didn't get Crusade for Christmas, and I still had to wait to see if I got it for my birthday (which was yesterday). I didn't get Crusade but I did get tickets for a concert I really, really wanted to go to

    Anyway, I was wondering if anyone has bought the set recently and if it still had JMS commentary on it. It hasn't been that long since it's been released so it should be okay. I checked the ones in the store and they had commentary on "two key episodes". Are there any identifying marks on the box that say one way or the other?

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    I'm pretty sure they have only done the one pressing so far. The set hasn't sold all that well (compared to B5) from what I've read, so the sets you see in a store should have everything.


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      It didn't sell too well because you just about needed to hire a private detective to find it. Amazon, Warner Brothers, either one online it should be easy. Your local video store? Hit and miss, believe me.
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        You guys are lucky. Here in Romania I can't find them in stores. As for online buying, usually online stores are reluctant to send to Romania fearing of scams. So I am ashamed to admit that I only have a few episodes on video tapes recorded from TV or pirated versions DL-ed from some hubs.


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          I'm going to get my set tonight. The Canadian store chain I went to had five copies on the shelf as of last night. It may not be selling well, but at least they have them.

          ...... ok, just got the set and it still has the commentary
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