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Sheridans favor to Londo - revealed?

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    I think we are missing some info.

    1) The first favor was Londo owing Sheridan.
    That was for the information Londo needed about the Vorlon Fleet headed his way. (Falling Towards Apotheosis) So Londo owed Sheridan.

    2) As for the rescuing of Delenn, (Fall of Centauri Prime) then Londo cleared his marker with Sheridan. When he says "you now owe me a favor" I think that was wrong.

    3) In WWE, Londo frees Sheridan and Delenn, in exchange for help for Centauri Prime. There was no mention of favors (that I recall), but there was no need.
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      Sheridan needed to do nothing to get Londo the information, so there was no real "favor" owed here in the sense of someone going out of his way to pay it back. It was the kind of favor you do without expectation of reward, IMO. Londo, on the other hand, redeployed the Centauri fleet to find Delenn. that is the kind of favor you do to get a marker.
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