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    I was away for the week-end and am only now able to respond.
    I appreciate JMS letting us know what has happened but am still disheartened. I was really looking forward to TMoS with great anticipation.
    Hopefully the next project will garner as much enthusiasm from us all.


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      I loved B5, liked Enterprise and liked Andromeda. Next year is certainly going to be very, very dull.

      The only good thing to come of this is that as many others have said I would rather wait to have a true B5 movie than some sexxed up shoot em up picture that the studio would go for to "guarantee" profit. There are too many of us out here that would probably have said nevermind.


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        Angry... No
        Bummed... Yes
        Encouraged... Suprisingly, yes!

        Knowing that JMS has the movie rights is, for me, encouraging. As many have previously commented, I would rather see no movie at all rather than a B5 movie that wasn't true to the vision of the people who created the universe. I am more comfortable that this can happen with JMS having the movie rights. I just wish it could happen sooner rather than later, since I feel like these people deserve a shot at doing a feature film. Well, and of course, I would like to see more of the universe
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          What about B5 comic book and new novels he previously mentioned? Also dead?

          I can't belive i'm only one who asks that.


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            I'd be happy too if we got something else instead, like a novel. Movies are great but I wouldn't mind reading the story if that was the only way to get it. Hopefully books are easier to get out than movies.
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              I find it amazing how calm most people seem to be over the news. Perhaps it's more down to the fact that we've had our beloved show yanked out from under us more times than I can count, and we're all becoming immune to being dissapointed.

              Frankly it's still sinking in for me. As I sit here this morning watching 'Ship of Tears' I just noticed one of Ivanova's lines that touched a nerve :

              You know, sometimes I think I'm too pesemistic. I mean, what's wrong with thinking maybe things may work out once in a while ? Then something like this happens.
              Today I feel angry


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                Its hard to be too upset. I knew in my heart of hearts this was going to happen. I would certianly rather not have a hacked up hollywood version of B5. that would destroy any hope of another miniseries or whatnot forever.
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                  Originally posted by Sigma
                  I can't belive i'm only one who asks that.
                  You aren't. I already posted the same question... (see page 1 of this thread), but it seems that no one has any valuable information...


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                    oh well...

                    I guess i'm not massively upset with it as, other than rumors, i've not heard enough about the movie to get too worked up about it.
                    To be honest, i'd always assumed the diea of a B5 movie was too good to be true. Looks like it is, for the time being, at least.

                    We shall see what we shall see...

                    I'd also like to take this opportunity to give a big shout out to those who organised the fan efforts over recasting, Jan, CE, Michael, JoeDM, Amy and all of those who were involved, you have my sincere thanks for your efforts. If nothing else, we've sent a clear message to Warners that as a fanbase, we still want some more B5!
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                      Originally posted by cornholio1980
                      You aren't. I already posted the same question... (see page 1 of this thread)
                      yeah...sorry, just noticed

                      I'm surprised that no one has asked this question in B5 newsgroups. Hopefuly when JMS gives his next update about his current work we will find out.


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                        I would be much happier if JMS would concentrate on a Sci fi channel mini series on the Telepath War. Then use that as a springboard to complete Crusade or a theatrical release. And then -

                        To Rule the World!!!
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                          Studio Accounting and Other Slight of Hand Tricks...

                          To clarify the issue surrounding how, despite all of the lovely revenue streams, JMS could be presented with an accounting statement that shows B5 in the red by $80 million, it needs to be understood that these are not actual statements of profit and loss. Clearly, if one were to only consider revenues and expenses that DIRECTLY related to B5, there would be a profit.

                          However, net profit participants (like JMS) are subject to a definition of net profits that is set forth in a legal contract. That definition has absolutely nothing to do with generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP). Most of these net profit calculations are boilerplate and allow the studio to include only the narrowest definition of revenues against an extremely broad cost base. The expenses can include all kinds of things that aren't even true out of pocket expenses like overhead estimates, overhead on the overhead, and my personal favorite, distribution fees. Anyone who is interested in the details of these agreements should read a book called Fatal Subtraction. This book chronicles Art Buchwald's suit against Paramount for using his treatment as the basis for the Eddie Murphy film Coming to America.

                          It sounds like JMS should seek out an accounting firm that specializes in auditing those participation statements (I highly recommend Sills & Adelman). In the end, there is a reason that net profit participation points are also called "Monkey Points".

                          I, too, was disappointed to hear the news of the film's demise. But I would rather have no B5 film than the wrong B5 film. Can someone please explain to me how Tom Seizemore is a bigger star than Bruce Boxlietner?


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                   main hope for this is that having been so excited about the idea of a feature this time and being this close, that JMS will now take some initiative in making it happen instead of waiting for someone to come knocking at his door.

                            I personally, am glad this incarnation fell through. I had some serious misgivings about it. We had to fight to keep the cast and they had a terrible director attached...all of which stemmed from two idiots who were pretending to be producers but weren't..they were just wanna-be's. Had this incarnation gone forward, I fear it would've been wrought with problems and turned out to be poorly done.

                            I want a B5 feature, but I want it done the way I know and believe it can be done. I know B5 has the potential to be the next SW or better yet a LOTR in space...epic, sweeping, moving, and wonderfully, passionately crafted and envisioned. That's what I want for any B5 feature.

                            I want B5 to be given the opportunity to reach and even go beyond the incredible big screen potential it has inherent within it.

                            This film wouldn't have even come close...especially with producers who thought big name stars were needed and who thought Steve Beck was even a decent director.

                            I've told the War Council this and I truly believe it (as do Mira and JMS I think from what they've said)...a B5 feature will day. And it will happen when it's supposed to happen so it can be the wonderous film I know it can be.

                            Rest assured folks, some good did come from all of this. We know that we (the fans) were heard (because they ended up making the offers to the cast). And now we all know that JMS holds the film rights and that WB has no problem with him shopping a B5 feature around.

                            So buck up! We were heard, and hopefully JMS will now (after allowing his nerves to settle a bit) go out and actively seek someone who can help B5 make the leap the way it should make it.

                            Someone over at B5tv noted that if SERENITY comes out and does really well, that it could prompt WB to change their minds about the worth of a B5 film and they might want to do it, themselves. Or it could pull someone out of the woodwork to do it.

                            Yes, this is the perfect timing for B5 to make the leap to the big screen. I can only hope someone in the industry sees that fact and sees the incredible potential in B5 and gives it everything it needs to achieve that potential!

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                              Touching on SpooJunkys comments above, I too would love to see the script somehow, but I'm betting that will be next to impossible to do.

                              Makes me wonder about all the other B5 projects that JMS teased over the past year. He's mentioned that a graphic novel was well in the works, that there might be new novels, and that there was another project running concurrent to TMoS. While that one might be dead as well, I certainly hope the first two I mentioned are still possible!

                              edit-- Oops, didn't see that Sigma said the same thing... but hey, it's worth repreating!
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                                At least we aren't getting another "River of Souls"

                                Much sadness, pain, distress. Also much joy that we are not getting another "River of Souls". That would be bad. Only good thing from "River of Souls" was Capt. Lockley in lingerie. Not much else good about it.

                                And, it appears that jms has pulled the plug on something that could conceivably have been worse.
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