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Do I have "Crusade" DVD's w/commentary??

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  • Do I have "Crusade" DVD's w/commentary??

    We just bought our "Crusade" DVD set & after reading online that there is a new release missing Joe's commentary, we don't want to open the set until we know we've got the earlier of the two pressings. Anyone out there able to tell us what to look for on our box, still in the shrinkwrap, that will give us the clue? It says there are two commentaries included and has a 2004 copyright date. We're hoping we didn't get the set that is missing Joe, but if so, we'd like to return it and go find the earlier copy elsewhere. Thanks!
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    JMS only posted the news that WB had agreed to remove the commentary from future pressings of the set on January 30th. So it is extremely unlikely that the revised discs even exist, much less that they are in stores already.


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