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    Originally posted by Joseph DeMartino
    Which is also almost the case with the Dilgar War, really. The war was fought when Sinclair's father was an active pilot. It marked the emergence of the Earth Alliance as a major power and a military and political player among the younger races, but it stands in relation to the events of the later Shadow War about where WWI stands in relation to the Cold War.
    A good analogy (the Dilgar War started in 2230, and the final Shadow War in 2260, thirty years later - WWI started in 1914, and the Cold War really started in 1945, thirty-one years later). Since the specific events of the First World War had so great an influence on the Cold war, we could expect the same of the Dilgar war on the Shadow war, and this makes the Dilgar War's details so interesting.

    I would think JMS realized this, and thought all of this out in some detail, which makes it a natural for an easy story for him to farm out.
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      Did jms write it out?

      I believe that jms has a very detailed description of the events of the Dilgar War. He says in some of his commentaries that his histories of all races are written thousands of years past and future (if you can call that a history), and the major players have very detailed timelines for the 500 years before and after the events of B5.

      So, the Dilgar War has a file, somewhere, in jms' cabinet.
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