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    Originally posted by [email protected]
    Another emotional moment for me is from the movie "In the Beginning" the opening monologue is a great statement. I'm not an emotional person normally, but B5 can hit those chords once you've experienced the entire series a few times...
    Indeed. The one Londo has later on in ITB, about how the humans continued fighting on despite their losses and the hopelessness of the situation, gets me every time.

    Originally posted by [email protected]
    LotR, only caught one episode, from a hotel room in Peru of all places.
    There was only the one pilot episode; it never made it to series. So you've seen all there is to see of LotR.

    Originally posted by Paul
    IMHO Londo, G'Kar, and Garibaldi made season 5 worth while.
    I'm not sure it was only that making it worthwhile, but Londo and G'kar are definitely the best part of it, IMO.

    Originally posted by Paul
    JMS wrapped up most of the story when UPN decided not to pick up season 5 and TNT did at the last minute.
    JMS has said Season 4's plot would only have spilled over in to Season 5 by 4 episodes worth... so I don't think it would have been all that different because of that, except perhaps without episodes like Learning Curve and A View From the Gallery.

    Originally posted by Paul
    One could only wonder how the show would have went if Claudia Christian had been there for season 5. I liked Ivanova.
    IIRC, JMS has said it would have been Ivanova, not Lyta, who got romantically involved with Byron.

    Lyta would still have joined his group and become a loyal member, ending up at essentially the same spot, but Byron would have simply been a friend.

    How things would have gone otherwise is interesting to speculate about... would she have agreed to the telepath colony without Sheridan forcing her to? Etc. Plenty of room for variation from what Lochley did.
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