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    First, allow me to add my voice to Joe's and Jan's on not sending any letters to the casting agency. This would not help us, and could hurt.

    As to why this is apparently a US based agency casting a film to be shot in the UK, there could be any number of reasons. They could have a UK office. It is also feasable and not completely unusual for a US company to send folks to the country where shooting is to take place and cast the idea that they would cast everyone in the US and ship them over to the UK is not necessarily true. They would send a small staff over to the UK and do the casting there. They could also cast from the US and the UK. In short, it doesn't really matter where the company is based...they can cast anywhere.


    PS: I would kill to see the sides and descriptions!
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      If Pemrick Fronk do have a British branch it is not in the phone book.
      Andrew Swallow


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        I don't remember which site was linked for the info on the original casting call, so I can't say whether this info was there all along, but if you look here:

        .... which seems to be the same casting call, Pemrick and Fronk are listed as casting agents.


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          Other producers

          To answer the question about the other producers listed, I did some checking a while back and posted the info in one of the other threads.

          Adam W. Rosen is an Entertainment Lawyer who appears to be in the business of arranging financing and packages. We've found his bio (and email) at one of the Law Firms he is a partner in. We decided not to target him for mailing, but I did send him an email to get the expected "No comment" from him back in December.

          As for Gottesman, he doesn't have much mentioning him online (other than all the posts about the casting stuff). I know for a fact that he was involved with the initial negotiations with Warner Bros. for getting the rights to make the movie. From what I've found, he has been involved with independent movies in the UK, including Winchester Films (now merged with Content Films).

          Steve Beck is supposedly the director of Ghost Ship, but some people have indicated it is a different Steve Beck. The director besides directing 13 ghosts and Ghost Ship was also visual effects art director for The Abyss, Hunt for Red October, and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Those five movies are his entire listing on IMDB (aside from the B5 movie), so he's not prone to doing a lot of work in Hollywood.

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            One possibility for the LA casting agency is that there are some scenes being filmed in the US while the majority of the production is done in England.

            They could have particular Locations or Landscapes that they want to use.
            Or a particular production house may have gotten the nod to do some specialized work.

            Shooting movies in multiple locations isn't That unusual...


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              Hi folks, I knew sending the letters to the agency wasnt that great of an idea but i got the address so i figured what the hell, why not post it ya know. As far as the location of the agency goes i dont know much about how all that stuff works but yes, it did strike me as kinda odd, but from what you all have said it I guess it can work out that way.

              About the info on the parts that Pemrick/Fronk (thanks for that correction) is casting for i cant give out any real information as that would out my friend and i promised him all i would do was post the address nothing more. From what he told me (lol not telling me much..letting me stew the bastard ) the parts that he has seen arent anything too major just some stuff for EA & IA personal and diplomats, aliens, etc. The type of stuff you would suspect they would need.

              If I hear anything new on the subject from him or if he gets an audition or please, oh please god he gets a part in the movie I will post right away. I just wanted to let everyone know about what little info i had. Any type of news on TMoS is news.

              Here's to hoping we get the movie we all want.


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                Those five movies are his entire listing on IMDB (aside from the B5 movie), so he's not prone to doing a lot of work in Hollywood.
                Not that it really makes that much of a difference, but IMDB is not particularly up-to-date on a lot of "non-A list" people, particularly those who, like Beck, have worked primarily in the commercial field.


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                  That's about what I figured - extras, bit parts. It never made any sense that WB would be casting major roles via open calls or a single casting agency. (Again, for big roles you're dealing with actors who have representation, and you contact that agent.) I can buy either this agency being asked to send a team to the UK to oversee the casting, or casting for IA EA types in Burbank if certain scenes are going to be filmed on the Warner lot. or exteriors are to be shot in L.A. (I would be more inclined to think that say, the IA Minbar HQ sets or a big Babylon 5 set to be used in the diplomatic reception scenes might be built over here with tons of extras and the like and characters who won't appear anywhere else in the movie. They could shoot all that with this group and the main actors, then ship the principals over to the UK to shoot the rest of the film.)

                  Anyway it sounds like something is moving forward on the small roles, which it probably wouldn't be if there weren't also progress on other fronts.


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