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    The other day and while searching in some book shops, I found arround 6 or 7 small books for B5 they are like unfilmed episodes, and waaw I was really happy that I got them all without thinking, offcourse the triologies were not there but hay no problem at least I have 6 more books to read, I finished one of them (personal agenda: speaking about a group of Narn going to Centuri prim to save G'kar and how thye act). And now I am almost in the middle of the other "Wisper of your name, the touch of your shadow" which is really breath taking. It seems that I will be spending some good time with these Books and they will help me pass time until I get the triologies.

    I will give you the names of the whole group when I get back home and write them down
    What do you want? ha...!