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  • Ranger1
    I know what you mean,hell im waiting for some news about the movie back since 1998 when JMS hinted about a B5 movie.

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  • Night Marshal
    started a topic Quite too Quite

    Quite too Quite

    I have loved Babylon 5 for a long time. After it end I fell away for a few year but with the DVDs I have followed any news that I could get like an 8 year Harry Potter Fan. Right now, I find the lack of official news to be driving me crazy. If we are going to get screwed when I would like to know how hard if not and we are going to get the movie that we have all been dreaming about for over a year I would like to know that too. I just wish that JMS or WB would break the silence and talk. Heck even Rumors seem hard to come by.

    Oh well I guess all things come to those who wait but there is also a TMoS Novel and a Graphic novel that JMS has mentioned but we sill know nothing about. In any case, I will keep waiting, I know we will know in time but until then the silent is killing me.
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