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Address for (sigh) season 5 R2 UK replacements..?

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  • Address for (sigh) season 5 R2 UK replacements..?

    Okay. Found that quite easily, as it turns out - or at least, here's the address I used when I got my faulty season 1 disc replaced:

    Warner Home Video
    Warner House
    98 Theobald's Road
    WC1X 8WB

    I've forgotten the name of the lady I spoke to at the time, unfortunately. But I'll get something off to this address, and see how us poor bastards in the UK stand on getting a replacement season 5 disc.
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    Do you have any confirmation for the address? May be e-mail or phone to call to? (I can call if you like). I don't like the idea just to send DVD into nowhere

    Oh, and by the way: do you know what exactly we should send? Only the DVD disc with the episode, or DVD disc in the small box, or entire season 5 DVD set?


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      Hi Alex. The address I gave was okay 6 months ago - and in fact, more than a year before that, when the problem with S1 first arose - so I'm just going to give it a try and see what happens. My experiences with calling and e-mailing Warners when this arose before make me want to stick with what worked last time, for now.

      In the case of S1, I sent just the faulty disc to them (in an envelope, without the slimline box). But for now, in regard to S5, I'm just going to send them a letter, asking what's happening - if anything - with replacements.
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        Do you have any suggestions for those of us that hoped that the UK R2 DVDs would be ok and purchased them from Amazon or other online shops?

        I feel that directly contacting WB and mailing them the DVD is risky (at least if you don't live in UK). I'll contact Amazon and see what they say about it, but I'm probably going to end up with it, after all.

        Serves me right for not buying the R1 DVDs [sigh]



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          Just a short info about the exchange of the german dvd boxes: Over here you don't have to send in your faulty disc of Season 5, but just tell them your address and they will send you the correct one end of january. So... if I were you I wouldn't just send in my disc to the address of the S1-exchange, but call Warner UK and ask them how you should proceed.


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            At least the address is correct and up-to-date - see:

            I called them several times today, but I guess no luck for me. It is the correct Warner Bros. address and phone - but their customer service for DVD simply does not reply
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              Ive just got my set - i can't believe it.

              it may only be 3 minutes - but it sets the whole episode up.

              come on WB....

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                I know, I know. It's absolutely bloody stupid. This is what annoys me about DVDs in general, really. Of course, it's wonderful to have all our favourite shows on a format which presents them better (most of the time) and is more hard-wearing, but...

                Standards, it seems to me, have dropped. Maybe it's something to do with the way DVDs are compiled (data onto a disc as opposed to the more linear process of creating a VHS master), but where are the "proof-readers" nowadays? The vast majority of faults could be spotted before mass production if someone just took time to look at the master copy before it goes to press.
                I mean - give me the job, because I'll do it!

                Hopefully Warners can get back to me on this next week, so we know where we stand here in the UK. And Belechael, buying from online makes no difference - you still have a faulty product which needs replaced. If you can't find an address for Warners more local to you, I'd suggest just writing to the one I provided - and originally provided by Corholio, I hasten to add - and see if they can direct you from there. But as he says, don't send them any discs yet.
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                  DVDs have become such big sellers, and timelines so short, that it seems to have been decided that it is cheaper to cater to the minority of customers who complain about the flaws than to get it right to start with.

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                    I couldn't agree more.

                    And it's a crying shame, because when you get a DVD as it should be, especially when it's one of your favourites, it's something to treasure forever (or as long as you plan to live) - and the potential of the format is almost endless.

                    But this lack of care - along with the ever-worsening situation of rights clearances for music, etc. - is really screwing things up. It's got to the stage, with me, where I don't expect any TV boxset I buy to be "right". I'm always thinking, "what have they missed?" or "is this how it originally was?" or "will the part where the disc sticks be on episode 22 of my 22 episode set?"

                    Definitely not good.
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                      I'd really apreciate it if people that had some success in contacting WB, or had their copies replaced, could keep the rest of us informed.

                      I contacted asking if they had any knowledge about this... and they dispatched another boxed set to me So, now I am the proud owner of 2 "faulty" sets! yeah, right... I just want a good one, for crying out loud!


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                        Ouch! I actually also contacted Amazon, and they also sent me a replacement - and yes, it is the same faulty set. I was hoping that they will just send correct DVD - ...

                        Damn, WB had several months to fix this! Even if the DVDs were already printed, they could just add fixed DVD.
                        And they changed packaging! I have first 4 seasons all the same, and now I have 5th season with packaging that does not fit the rest! Why all of the suddent they decided to make the "5" logo smaller? And only to put the "12" age limitation higher? Where's the logic?

                        I'm so smegged off, that I cancelled my orders for "Crusade" and "Movie Pack". I never wanted them anyway. I already have the best of the movies ("The Gathering" and "In The Beginning") and the whole series. For me B5 will end with "Sleeping in Light" - I do not need anything else.



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                          so, umm, what's actually wrong with r2 season 5?
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                            Ep 18 The fall of Centauri Prime has the entire and crucial pre-credits trailer sequence missing!!!

                            I think R1 has it intact though...

                            p.s. BIG UP TO THE GLC!!! YOU KNOWS IT!
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                              Originally posted by Darth_librarian
                              Ep 18 The fall of Centauri Prime has the entire and crucial pre-credits trailer sequence missing!!!

                              Just the 'previously on' bit or does it cut into the pre credits part sequence?

                              p.s. BIG UP TO THE GLC!!! YOU KNOWS IT!
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