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Sp...what are the chances of TMoS being what we hoped for?

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    As a moderator, Chakoteya, I'll point out that if you don't want to be 'shot down in flames' that you...moderate...your phrasing considerably.

    That said, underneath the unfortunate phrasing and spelling, you have some legitimate concerns. In fact, the community discussed spoiler conventions a couple of months ago and decided how they want to handle spoilers - using blank lines or a difficult to read text color.

    "Sites like this" are places where people get together and talk about something of mutual interest and spoilers may well be part of that. Indeed, at the moment we *think* we know something major about he plot of TMoS because of items found having to do with the casting issue. People have been expressing what they hope for from TMoS since long before we knew what the initials stood for. It's pretty much human nature.

    Still, I learned something major about my own expectations when watching the B5 movies on DVD not long ago. Each of them is quite different from the usual episodes and on first viewing, I didn't care for them much because of that. Now, watching them for their own sakes, I like them much better. I think that many people expressed something similar about Season 5 - that once they started watching it without the 'baggage' accompanying the fact that Ivanova wasn't there, they liked it much better.

    So your warning is timely, Chakoteya. We should be careful not to hang too many of our own hopes and ideas on TMoS before seeing it so that we aren't disappointed by the reality.

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      Going back to the original question, I think the chances of me getting the movie I hoped for varies directly with the level of JMS' participation. What I hoped for was a chance to discover more of the universe JMS created because of the quality I feel he brings to his story telling. The biggest danger to me seems to be if too many changes are made to his vision. That being said, my expectation has always been that any character from previous work that he put in a movie would be played by the character who breathed life into the role. Again, I think this will lmost likely reflect JMS' involvement, or perhaps be reflected by his level of involvement.
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        I'm hoping for something a LOT BETTER than the Legend of the Rangers pilot, with Peter Woodward playing Galen, and with no re-casting of other B5 or Crusade roles. Is that asking for too much?
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          I'm new to this forum, but not to B5; I've been a fan for 8 year, but wanted to give my feedback on this issue.

          firstly I believe anything that bring back B5 to the screen is a welcome addition, especially if JMS is involved, which he as been; I dont thing we can argue with that.

          Recasting Galen.. hmm, Peter Woodward (PW) did a fab acting job as Galen in Crusade and won many hearts with us B5 fans. I guess though if it was the case that PW wasn't going to be casted in the new film, I would rather a substitute than no film at all. No I don't like things half baked, but I believe as fans of the whole saga , B5 needs to be up and running again, and one recast - however painful it is atm - the project as a whole is a positive step, and hopefully a step towards more films and a tv series.

          That's my thoughts on it.
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            Originally posted by Shr'eshhhhhh
            If PW is unavailable (and it would be a great shame if he is) they should bring in a new character to do all the things that Galen would have done. That way the new actor could make the part his/her own and leave the door open for PW to turn up in any further films or spin offs.
            Again, this would be preferable in terms of keeping the door open for PW, but like Na'Toth this particular charactor apparently knows certain specific things that need to be revealed as part of the story. Otherwise, as noted, JMS would probably re-name the charactor to avoid the obvious continuity problem of having Galen look/act completely differently in different media.
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              Originally posted by Chakoteya
              Okay, at the risk of being shot down in flames - Waddya mean 'hoped for'?

              I'm getting increasingly of the opinion that places like this simply fuel discounted and sniping because people post their own ideas for upcoming projects, and when the real thing doesn't match their mental image, they get all upset and complain!

              I'm all for news that something is in the pipeline, yes.
              I HATE wandering into a site and getting huge spoilers for plots without warnings, and I especially loathe 12 months of speculation culminating in condemnation of the finished product.

              Filming hasn't even started yet, casting calls are only just out.

              Leave it alone! Wait until it's finished and released THEN comment.

              Please understand, this is not a flame-reply. I just wondered what you thought you'd find on an active, highly populated, B5 community forum?

              As for actions regarding what we should do about that kind of B5 films the fans may expect to see...Do you really mean that we should leave it alone and without opinion or comment, until the film has already been finished and so, by that time, it will be far too late to do anything about it? If the fans want to put across their unease about major recasting of familiar and much loved characters, wouldn't the exactly right time be while the CASTING calls are going out?

              If not then, when would you suggest?

              As for what an individual may, or may not, loath....I look at it this way, If I dislike a thing so intently, I avoid it totally. If there is a TV programme on that I dislike I can change the channell, If there is a book I am not enoying I can put it down and pick up another one. If there is a place that I am visiting and I do not enjoy it I can leave, If there is a web-page I don't like.....

              Therein lays the beauty of choice.

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                You can't always go to the theatres with the movie you need or would like to have...

                [Ducks and runs]
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                  [Also posted on the 'TMoS recasting rumor' thread]

                  I'm new to this board and can't post often.

                  I've enjoyed and agree with all your comments and sentiments. The B5 virtual community is yet another of the Great Maker's creations.

                  So I hate saying this, but:

                  If they can re-cast James Bond as someone other than Sean Connery -
                  if they can re-cast the Phantom as someone other than Michael Crawford -
                  they can re-cast John and Delenn.

                  I don't like it either - Mira's skills are what got me hooked in the first place - but I think that's the way the business runs.

                  Perspective: The B5 story is so timeless and the themes so important, that 100 years from now (long after Bruce and Mira have passed) the entertainment industry will be re-making these stories in the popular format of the day, just like Phantom and Les Miserables have been adapted.

                  The ideals of B5 that inspire us are bigger than any cast or genre. Much as we'd like to constrict them, it's in freeing them that their power is released. (I'm picturing the power released when Kosh died - the real Kosh.)

                  It does all come down to those Vorlons, doesn't it?

                  "Some must be sacrificed for all to be saved."

                  (Hoping I'm wrong, but trusting JMS.)


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                    "Expect nothing and you shall not be disappointed"

                    Once I got past the rumorous notion that a B5 movie would be about the Telepath War I am willing to entertain (and be entertained by) whatever idea TMoS is about.
                    I might engage in some speculation but I never let it become my personal ideal of what the movie should be.
                    So the chances of TMoS being what I hope for are at this moment the same as for any movie, it all depends on the final product, but my hopes are bigger than what I'd expect of a sci-fi movie given that it's B5 and JMS is writing.
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                      I reread the school visit JMS made in May of last year. He hinted that the movie had a Crusade theme.
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                        Personally I want a movie with the orginal cast in it. Weve had movies with different casts with the babylon 5 universe already. They failed, we dont need another.


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                          I'm optimistic, the whole premise sounds good to me. 8/10 on current premise, casting situation aside...

                          And as the original cast seem to be reduced to supporting roles only, (bar Galen and Lockely) then why bother to recast them?
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                            "it sounds to me like if were gonna get a movie, its gonna be nothing like what we want"

                            Just my two cents, but maybe it should be the movie JMS wants?
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                              Originally posted by We_Are_One
                              Just my two cents, but maybe it should be the movie JMS wants?
                              Define "should".

                              What's so unreasonable about people having preferences and expectations? Also, our main concern is that it isn't gonna be the movie that JMS wants either, so I'm far from clear what point you're trying to make.


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                                "Personally I want a movie with the orginal cast in it. Weve had movies with different casts with the babylon 5 universe already. They failed, we dont need another."

                                Other movies, plural?

                                LOTR had too many unfamiliar characters, even though G'Kar made an appearance.

                                Does anyone else know of a B5 movie with "different casts" that failed?
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